Horror Hunks for the Holidays

Holiday Shopping? How about 12 monthes of sultry screams?




With the holidays right around the corner, anxieties begin to set in. Did I send my letter to Satan Claws? Have I been naughty enough this year? Who do I mail my X-mas threats to? Will I have time to eviscerate the reindeer? These stresses are all too common this time of year. Here at the Blood Shed we aim to please. We want to help. So let me give you a hot little tip on what to get for that horror fiend who seems to have absolutely every bloody little thing.

Shhhh. Come close and I will tell you…..


That is right. You heard correct. L.A. photographer, Miss Ama Lea, is famous for taking us on a dark ride via the lens of her camera. She is no stranger to the schooled horror enthusiast after shooting such famous horror names like Danielle Harris, Barbara Crampton, and Kane Hodder. she now brings us a calendar for 2017.



Ama’s newest project is a 12 month spread of what her imagination has done to the hunks of horror in YEAR OF FEAR. Ever fantasize of how dreamy Freddy can become? Or wish to smell the sweet musk of Ash’s chainsaw? Maybe pinch the baby soft bum of Leatherface? Ooooo I just gave myself goosebumps. This year long display of scream worthy sexuality features 12 different male models depicting everyone’s favorite villains spread for our enjoyment. Such notable models include the well know Sleepaway Camp star, Mr. Jonathan Tiersten as well as many others. Each beautifully presented scene is put together with such attention to detail that only a true horror bleeder can really appreciate.



ashDo you need a little extra bump in your night? Or maybe you know someone who would enjoy a little sweet in their screams. YEAR OF FEAR makes the perfect holiday gift. This, as well as Lea’s other work, can be found on her website shopamalea.com





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