Wall clocks are not as popular as they once were, but there is still something special about their charm.

Living in an age of digital technology, wall clocks are not as popular as they once were.

There is still something special about their charm. An expressive wall clock can set the mood in any room, kind of like a fish tank.

Zazzle is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise.

Zazzle’s technology enables professional artists and major brands such as Disney to design unique products that can be sold world wide.

Users are allowed to open their own shop for free and set the royalty they would like to receive on sales of their merchandise.

There are billions of products and combinations available at Zazzle.com. Something that really stands out is their assortment of horror inspired wall clocks.

nosferatu_vampire_king_clock-rf4e8f0761f3b4ab29429a9942c0ce80a_fup1y_8byvr_324A beautiful homage to Nosferatu

clocks3 clocks4The empty cage.

clocksThere is always room for a little humor.

horror_movie_monster_masks_color_wallclock-rdf160e7307fd4fd3b6d7480ab385d99f_fup1y_8byvr_324 Classic monster masks.

horror_movie_monster_masks_b_w_wall_clock-r47cf642faac24df0b7994ce1d59d4df5_fup1y_8byvr_324Also available in black and white.

black_white_skull_round_wall_clock-r64c31355ca514943a1e227e7abbc1352_fup1s_8byvr_324 countdown_to_zombie_apocalypse_clock-rd70635edb5be410faa6159db888eccdf_fup1s_8byvr_324


clocks10 zombie_clock-r2a00fd3c881f449eb78e45b0de7fe608_fup1s_8byvr_324


There are many other horror inspired clocks out there designed by fans just like us. Most are reasonably priced, and make great additions to any home or office.



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