Horror Moves Coming to Netflix Instant U.S. December 2016

And those leaving too.



The Devil’s Dolls (2016)
Synopsis: “In the aftermath of the hunt for a serial killer, an ancient curse consumes a city, causing a series of brutal murders and pitting a detective against the clock to save his daughter’s life.”
To be added: December 6th


Disorder (2015)
Synopsis: “Vincent Loreau, a French Special Forces soldier just back from Afghanistan, is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is hired to ensure the safety of Jessie, the wife of a wealthy Lebanese businessman in his “Maryland” property in the South of France. While he feels a strange fascination for the woman he must protect, Vincent is prone to anxiety and hallucinations. Despite the apparent tranquility on “Maryland”, Vincent perceives an external threat…”
To be added: December 20th


I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)
Synopsis: “In a small Midwestern town, a troubled teen with homicidal tendencies must hunt down and destroy a supernatural killer whilst keeping his own inner demons at bay.”
To be added: December 13th


The Model (2016)
Synopsis: “Emma, an emerging model, struggles to enter the Parisian fashion scene and develops a dangerous obsession for fashion photographer Shane White.”
To be added: December 6th


Rats (2016)
Synopsis: “Inspired by Robert Sullivan’s New York Times bestselling book, RATS goes deep beneath the surface to explore the lives of man’s greatest parasite. Oscar nominated director Morgan Spurlock unveils a new form of documentary horror storytelling, journeying around the world to bring viewers face to face with rats while delving into our complicated relationship with these creepy creatures.”
To be added: December 16th


Spectral (2016)
Synopsis: “A special-ops team is dispatched to fight supernatural beings that have taken over a European city.”
To be added: December 9th

Horror Movies Leaving Netflix December 2016:
Dark Skies (2013)
Event Horizon (1997)



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