Horror Short ‘Die! Sitter! Die!: Rupert to be released on You Tube July 21st, 2017

Watch out babysitters- Must be good with infants! Here comes Rupert!

After two years on the festival circuit, the time has finally come! July 31, 2017, the amazing horror sibling team of Lee and Sam Boxleitner are proud to announce their award winning short film will be released to the public! Rupert was an official selection in over 20 of the world’s top Horror Film Festivals, winner of 8 different awards, and even more nominations.

Lee and Sam Boxleitner at the Fash Fest LA – Photo: Vicki Woods

One of my favorite horror shorts from 2016, Die! Sitter! Die!: Rupert hits all the horror tropes in a larger than life (or baby) sort of way. The film is about Alison, who needs money badly for her mother’s medical bills and takes on a babysitting job. This babysitting job turns out to be more terrifying than she could have ever imagined. Any person who has gone to a stranger’s house to babysit for the first time will know what I mean. It is nerve-wracking. You don’t know the family, the house and especially the kid. Will it be a fun easy night or a horrible mistake? Well in the case of Rupert– I think it’s fair to say it was not a perfect sitter experience.

Originally to be part of an anthology titled Die! Sitter! Die!: Rupert is now going to be released to the public for free on July 31st on You Tube! Here is the teaser trailer for your enjoyment. I hope you all love the film as much as I did!

I got to see it originally at FASH Fest in LA. You can check out my interview with co-producer and star Lee Boxleitner.

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