How to be The Perfect Horror Fan

An editorial piece on the horror fans of today

Browsing through multiple horror discussion sites, the topic always surfaces on what one person thinks a horror fan should be. Some are very blunt about it, by stating ‘you’re not a real horror fan if you like (insert movie title here)’ or ‘you’re not a horror fan unless you hate the modern movies and love the classics.’ There’s all sorts of different wordings of these posts, but it seems that many horror fans are constantly judging others. Why is this?

Horror is a lucrative genre, and appeals to a variety of fans, whether they be older, younger, male or female… it’s a genre that attracts anyone looking for a good scare. However, what may scare one person does not mean it will scare another. Everyone has different fears, whether they be something as simple as loneliness or something as common as clowns. Fear brings out the child within us, it breaks down our walls and makes us feel weak. It’s just a matter of how tall one’s walls may be built. Some movies may scare the living crap out of one person but may just make another person laugh.

What some horror fans seem not to be able to grasp is that everyone has different tastes and likes and no fan should be judged upon that. I will openly admit I enjoy both new and old horror films, and some classics I have not even seen. But I still love the genre and isn’t that what being a fan is? You like and enjoy something and therefore are a fan of it? Why should some one not be ‘allowed’ to be considered a fan because they enjoy a horror flick that not everyone else does? Or vice versa?

I think we should all embrace each other’s different tastes and appreciate the vastness of horror fans that are out there. How boring would it be if we all liked the same movies? There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a good debate on a particular horror film. Usually, after finishing a movie, I go find some one to discuss it with and see what others may have thought, or if they may have noticed things I may have not. I love hearing different views or interpretations of films and it really is amazing how differently we may interpret one simple scene.

So, I am sure you wondering by now what I meant by being the perfect horror fan? It’s rather easy.. just be yourself and do not judge others. We as horror lovers need to appreciate each other or we may drive others away. Let’s make ourselves unique from the other genres out there and be welcoming to everyone.



Cover photo credit goes to Patrick Ballesteros

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  • Evan A. Baker
    31 January 2015 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    This is not a modern phenomenon, nor is it one limited to horror fandom. It’s endemic in all fan communities, and is, ultimately, part of the very nature of community; there is no meaningful inclusion without exclusion. Status comes from tromping on someone else, on forcing a hierarchy.

    I think the best answer is to always push for a more sophisticated discourse, to always make the argument for the unpopular opinion, to always keep the discussion fluid. When someone wants to draw a line in the sand, let the winds of conversation blow it gently away.