“I will see you again in 25 years”

So the biggest question on my mind is... "How's Annie?"

Recent events have me giddy of late.

Illustration by Pachu M. Torres

Illustration by Pachu M. Torres

Twin Peaks shall return.

I would like to take a moment to gloat to everyone I have been telling for years, that it was bound to come back. When asked how I knew this, it is because the story was only partially told. David Lynch is an artist first and foremost. I grew up with his works, and there’s always been something in the details with him, that one should never overlook. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but it’s hard to be objective when one is speaking of one of their idols in film.

What has become of everyone?!

That is an exciting question right there, to be answered in: The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost, coming in 2015. This is the fourth official tie-in book to the show & film. So if you’re getting your collection together, your shelf should have these on it already:

The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer (1990) by Jennifer Lynch
The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes (1991) by Scott Frost
Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town (1991) by David Lynch, Mark Frost and Richard Saul Wurman


Behind the scenes: Lara Flynn Boyle and David Lynch filming for the Twin Peaks pilot. (Pretty sure she's wearing the jacket from her role in Dead Poets Society here)

Behind the scenes: Lara Flynn Boyle and David Lynch filming for the Twin Peaks pilot. (Pretty sure she’s wearing the jacket from her role in Dead Poets Society here)

So the biggest question on my mind is… “How’s Annie?”

So many claim that she was a ‘non-character’ to the show but I beg to differ. Annie is nowhere near a non-character. Listen to her talk about the cycle of pain she endured. Between her suicide attempt, and the stint at the convent as a means to escape the nightmares of life, she’s no stranger to the darkness that the lodge holds… that’s why they had him bring her there as the queen. That’s why they kept her. What I find the most mystifying in the real world, is how little Heather Graham has aged over the years. I still remember her from when I was a tater-tot watching what was then an old film, Drug Store Cowboy. (She plays the Jinx in it) Luckily if she’s in the new series, it won’t be questionable that she was nearly frozen in time within the Lodge.

Is Nadine still locked into a contract of unrequited love of which she refused to let go? Had she been to the Black Lodge in her fugue state as so many have come to believe?
Did Big Ed & Norma convince her to let him go, so they could finally experience nuptial bliss?

Did Shelley & Bobby make it after all? Is she still serving pies at the RR?

Shall we find out that Audrey did indeed reunite with the man she loved so dearly?

Who the hell is going to play Donna?!

Will we see Laura again?

Image By Jennifer Kay Norwood

Image By Jennifer Kay Norwood

Soon we’ll be revisiting the Lodges again.

Here’s hoping we see The Arm within, and that his warning wasn’t a literal one.


Illustration by Pachu M. Torres

Illustration by Pachu M. Torres


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On Halloween I’ll be releasing the interview I did with Carel Struycken as a special treat. Stay tuned!

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  • Duncan Idaho
    22 October 2014 at 11:37 am - Reply

    It looks like Michael J. Anderson isn’t going to be in the new Twin Peaks, which I find sad beyond belief. One day he says he’s forever linked to Twin Peaks and the next day he’s saying “It DEFINITELY won’t be me”.

    I find this incredibly sad as he WAS Twin Peaks for me.

    • M Nessk
      24 October 2014 at 2:55 am - Reply

      Yes, that incident was very unfortunate. I shared this article with him, the next day he posted the blue rose, stating he will always be part of Twin Peaks. The next day I got a message from him saying that the art within the article was a reminder as to why he would never want to work with Lynch again. And then saw it posted on various places with quotes from him. It took me by surprise, but I think something was lost in translation. As the line that is quoted in the painting of him is his own line, which he finishes in the show with the final word of: “Doppelganger”. I am saddened that he was offended by the article & Pachu’s amazing art. As both he and I are great admirers of Michael J. Anderson’s works, and respect him greatly. It saddened all of us, as this wasn’t the reaction we were hoping for. But I will continue to support and admire Pachu’s works. I apologized to Michael J. Anderson personally for any offense he may have taken from the image used, and explained the surreal message behind it. If he doesn’t want to do Twin Peaks, he cannot be made to. But I still hold out hope that he will be involved.