I’d Explore A Haunted House

What's The Worst That Could Happen??

Growing up, I saw a couple of houses in my neighborhood that I swore were haunted.  It sounds silly, but to a kid the idea of a haunted house was pretty damn cool.  Even to us adults, it still sounds cool.  There are several groups that go and explore haunted houses and castles.  They hope to find evidence of ghosts that haunt places.  If given the opportunity, I’d go into a haunted house in a heartbeat.

This would be awesome to explore!!

There’s always been a fascination with spooky places.  Haunted houses in particular seem to catch our attention.  For me, when I see a spooky looking house, I find myself becoming curious.  I wonder what kind of history the house had.  I wonder if I did go inside, what would I find?  I would get scared but also excited at the thought of encountering a ghost.

Horror Scene of a Scary Woman
I wouldn’t want to this staring at me…..

Of course I wouldn’t want to encounter an actual ghost.  I’ve seen so many scary movies such as The Ring and The Grudge, that I have a scary idea of what a real ghost looks like.  If I saw some spectral figure dripping blood and moaning, I’d probably crap my pants as I ran away.  To be honest, I’d be more comfortable seeing a calm, friendly ghost like Casper.  I want to see a real ghost, not killed by one.

……I’d rather see this kind of ghost!

I understand that going into a fake haunted house would probably be safer.  But what fun would that be?  I don’t want to see some fake props or actors in costumes.  I want to go explore the real thing.  There are some nicely done fake haunted houses done during the Halloween season.  If I had the choice, I’d rather go into a real haunted house.  I want to be scared by a real house, not a mock haunted house equipped with special effects.

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