Interview with Horror Writer/Director Thomas J. Churchill

An indie horror legend

This evening, I had the opportunity to interview horror legend and fan Thomas J. Churchill, a writer, director, producer, and actor with a slew of credits under his belt and a love for the genre. Check out how it went!

JL: Thank you, Mr. Churchill, for this opportunity to interview you. You have quite the resume in the horror industry behind you in a rather short period of time. Would you mind telling the readers what draws you to the genre?

TJC: The fans. The excitement. The thrill. Stories… I love the genre…it is an amazing place to be in.

JL: Awesome. I have also seen that you are working on a few more projects coming up. Would you like to talk about any of them?

TJC: Sure. With Hollywood Apocalypse aka Lazarus:Day of the Living Dead slated for a March 3 release and The Emerging Past Director’s Cut for October 2015 release…we are moving forward with Marilyn:Zombie Hunter and Hallow Pointe.

JL: Wow, full slate! What can you tell me about them? Plot synopsis? Fun facts?

TJC: Hallow Pointe is a throwback to the 80’s styled Werewolf Horror films. This project was showcased on the SyFy show Monster Man. Episode #2 had an episode about me and building the werewolf for our trailer. The show was focused on SOTA FX.


With Marilyn: Zombie Hunter it is back to 1961 with our Heroine fighting the undead.


Hollywood Apocalypse aka Lazarus:Day of the Living Dead tells the story of when, where, why and mainly who would have started the so called Zombie Apocalypse. It is set in 1957, Hollywood and is very black / white film noir, with enough vivid color moments to keep everyone happy. My mind set was… How would Alfred Hitchcock tell a Zombie story. …Now, how would Hitchcock tell a prequel story for Night of the Living Dead.


JL: Great! There aren’t nearly enough good werewolf movies out there. I hope to count yours on the short list. The use of prac fx already gives you a leg up! And always in the mood for a different zombie movie. What can you tell me about the director’s cut of Emerging Past? What’s new?

TJC: The Emerging Past is a Pure Director’s Cut of our 6 time award winning film. I was never truly happy with the original version…Had many hands in the creative process…the story that I actually written somewhere became weak and confusing. I was able to get the project back and re-cut/re-tool and tell the “real” story based on my script. We are truly happy with it. The film looks amazing with it’s new story telling, music and feel… I think horror fans will dig it.


JL: Sounds great! I haven’t seen the original, but with that said I think I’ll just hold off til the DC is released. So, big question. Do you have any inspirations in film that you draw on? That influence your style?

TJC: I love old Hollywood. I love Hitchcock. Spielberg. Wells, Scorese, Craven…

Its a short list but love the films that I grew up on… Today I feel like it is all about the “youtube” style of filmmaking…(not that it is a bad thing) But…there is not enough build up before the pay off.

JL: All greats. Last question. To quote Ghostface, what’s your favorite scary movie?

TJC: It is a tie… Hitchcock’s Psycho and of course The Exorcist.

JL: Good choices for sure. Well, thanks again for this opportunity! Before I let you go, do you have anything else you want to share with the readers?

TJC: Sure…I would love to tell the audience… Thank you

Thank you in supporting our films and who we are as one of many indie filmmakers out there.

JL: That’s fantastic. That’s what it’s all about right there. Thanks again, Mr. Churchill, and all the best in your endeavors.

TJC: Thank you very much.


If you want to stay up to date on Thomas’ projects check out the Facebook pages!

Marilyn: Zombie Hunter

The Emerging Past

Hallow Pointe

And check out his official website HERE!


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