Interview with Ron Hudson, director of The Lost Footage

A new horror anthology on the way!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Ron Hudson, the director of upcoming found footage anthology The Lost Footage. Here’s how it went!

John Lepper: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Mr. Hudson. You’re one of the guys behind upcoming horror film The Lost Footage. Can you tell me a bit about the movie? What’s it about? What role do you have in putting it together?

Ron Hudson: Thanks for the opportunity! The Lost Footage is, as you probably know, the newest member of the found footage family. It’s a compilation of short horror films all lumped in to one feature length film. From a marketing standpoint, we want viewers to think these are classified homemeade tapes that the United States government has declassified and and are releasing to the public in the form of an anthology. As far as my role is concerned, I guess you could say a little bit of everything… co-writer, director, producer, actor, pain in the ass, etc.

JL: Lol! So, it sounds like V/H/S but with a bit more back story behind it which makes for an interesting angle. Can you tell me anything about some of the stories?

RH: Yes, and I won’t say the idea wasn’t inspired by VHS lol… that entire trilogy is a classic and can’t be topped. But there are a lot of similarities in terms of the style and overall theme but the stories are a bit more different. Lost Footage features quite possibly one of the most diverse series of stories ever featured in a horror anthology. It features many urban legends – such as aliens and sasquatch – ritualistic serial killers, curses, gypsies, and yadda yadda yadda. But each segment introduces new characters in a completely different setting facing off against a new and even more terrifying adversary than before.

JL: Sounds like a great approach! How many stories are there going to be in total?

RH: The film will feature eight segments all together, in addition to a prologue we wrote in at the very last minute after principal photography wrapped.

JL: Sounds like a good, solid quantity. So, principal photography has wrapped. When do you expect the film to see release? What avenues are you taking? On demand, dvd, theater, etc?

RH: We were aiming to premiere the film to the public in November until learning VHS: Viral was being released that month, so instead, we’re having to decide on whether to lush it to January (after the Viral hype dies) or October. At this point, I can’t really publicly talk about the distribution details, but we’ll leak the news once the deal is inked.

JL: Fair enough. Well, thanks for taking the time to talk with me. Before I go, is there anything else you like to tell the readers?

RH: I would like to commend the entire cast and crew on a job well done. Many of them worked their tails off, well in to the morning on some of the shoots, and many traveled great distances as well. Everyone rocked and really lifted a huge burden off of me by alleviating so much stress. Hopefully their hard work will pay off. I’d also like to single out Dennis Loewer, Becky Holt (my on set sister) and Gary Clevenger. They went above and beyond their roles as actors to make this film happen.

JL: Excellent! It sounds like you had a very supporting group of people. That;s a rare thing sometimes on a movie set. Well, I wish you the best in your release and future endeavors. Thanks for taking the time for the interview!

RH: Thank you, John! I greatly appreciate you taking time out for me as well!

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