Is the Ice Bucket Challenge a Satanic ritual? One writer seems to think so.

And this is why people should need a license to breed.

The Ice Bucket Challenge. One of the biggest viral trends ever. People dumping ice cold water on themselves for a charity. Sounds like good, clean fun, yeah?

One WorldNetDaily writer thinks otherwise. She believes there is a darker meaning behind this charity towards ALS. Selena Owens believes that she has cracked the case and uncovered a Satanic ritual that leads all the way back to Oprah.

“I began to think about the IBC,” states the clearly mentally ill Owens. “Whose idea was this? Why would people so easily agree to being drenched in icy water? Who participated and who didn’t? Why do people feel obligated to take the challenge if offered to them? What’s the purpose of calling out three other people to take the challenge?” It of course couldn’t be because it is an easy challenge for a good cause, huh, Selena?

Her most compelling evidence? The death of IBC co-founder Corey Griffin. Griffin drowned in a river during a late night bridge jumping excursion.

“It confounds me as to why Griffin would take such a risk with his life, especially in the dead of night?” she writes. “Very odd. Very bizarre. Very dark.” Apparently, Selena has never experienced the joy of bridge diving. Her loss. 

As further evidence, Selena points to a video put out by self-appointed evangelist Anita Fuentes. Anita seems to think there are several cryptic messages hidden in the challenge.

Her final piece of evidence? Oprah. When Oprah took the IBC, she, I presume in jest, said “In the name of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge.” Oprah, you should have thought that out a bit better. Saying things like that is bound to upset at least a few crazy people and, unfortunately for you, one of them this time around has a writing job online apparently. Oprah, while admittedly evil and horrifying, never came across as a Satanist cult leader to me. But I guess that just shows how much I know.

On the incident, Selena says, “Winfrey precedes her dousing with the words ‘In the name of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge’ … because Oprah mistakenly believes the One True God is jealous of her, and the well-known fact that she denounces Jesus as the only way to God and basically considers herself to be a god, I found this statement to be very cultic in nature.”

And this is why we can’t have nice things, Selena.

You can have a laugh and check out the entirety of Selena’s article here: Rantings of an insane woman.

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