JJ Abrams to Produce New Cloverfield-like Film

Sony Pictures acquires new top-secret alien film.

JJ is back and at it again with his super lucrative and secretive marketing techniques to promote a new Sci-Fi film he is producing. Much like the days before Cloverfield hit theaters– where fans were left to speculate on specially made websites and short video snippets, the same guessing game fun will return with a new film being directed by Chris Alender. This film will be Alender’s directorial debut, after only releasing a short Sci-Fi film “Eye of the Storm” in 2011.

Deadline said the film will have a “contained budget and a Cloverfield-like feel.” It has also been said that the film will feature aliens.

To me, I couldn’t be more excited. I loved Cloverfield and Super 8 along with the mysteries that came before them. The guessing game was fun, and it was entertaining to see what other people had come up with.. I believe even at some point the Super 8 monster was speculated to be Superman. Which was a very plausible idea as well.

Keep your eyes posted on the shed for more ideas on this exiting film as they are announced.

Check out Alender’s short film “Eye of the Storm” below:

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  • Matthew Myers
    10 December 2014 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    This is exciting and great news. I loved his films as well!