Join the Portland Horror Film Festival Early for ‘An Evening of Satanic Panic 2’

An Evening of Satanic Panic returns May 15th to the Hollywood Theatre in Portland Oregon

Are you ready to Panic?

Don’t miss the first film event of the year from the folks at Portland Horror Film Festival! The horror film fest is June 5th – 8th but join them now for An Evening of Satanic Panic, which returns May 15th to the Hollywood Theatre. The second year of this fun event brings you 3 hours of devilish delights, including:

  • Rare screening of ABBY (1974), the banned blaxploitation possession classic
  • Behind-the-scenes stories with filmmaker guest J. Patrick Kelly
  • New Satanic Short Films
  • Devilish Burlesque with Meghan Mayhem & Rummy Rose
  • Raffle prizes & sinister giveaways

ABBY (1974) – Directed by William Girdler, Starring Carol Speed, William Marshall, & Terry Carter
Abby, played by Carol Speed is a kind-hearted and religious marriage counselor, until her father-in-law (William Marshall AKA “Blacula”), on an archaeological dig in Nigeria, unleashes a demonic entity that possesses Abby, driving her to excesses of madness and sexuality. This sensational classic from director William Girdler (ASYLUM OF SATAN, THE MANITOU, GRIZZLY), banned for many years, is a must-see on the big screen and will be followed by crazy behind-the-scenes stories from J. Patrick Kelly, Girdler’s filmmaking associate, who performed several jobs on this troubled production.

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The Hollywood Theatre in Portland is located at:
 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97212

The Portland Horror Film Festival is June 5th – 8th, 2019
Join them for a 4-day celebration of Independent Horror films from around the planet!  The Portland Horror Film Festival takes place at the beautiful Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy over 4 horror-filled days! Click here for more information and their full schedule!

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