Killer Disney Princesses Mash-Ups

Just in time for Halloween!


Big thanks to the folks at for bringing us this wicked art!

I may be a hardcore, blood-thirsty horror blogger, but I can be a real softie when it comes to passing out candy on Halloween.  I just love hearing that lyrical refrain, “Trick ‘r Treat” as kiddies knock on my door with open sacks.  Of course, I like to wear gruesome masks when I answer their call, so I often scare the shit out of the little buggers!

There are a couple of Halloween costumes that are common these days: Disney Princesses and horror icons.  But wouldn’t it be crazy if some creative tykes out there decided to combine these disparate themes into one.  Horror artist Travis Falligant has imagined some truly brilliant mash-ups, combining two very different universes.  I would literally lose my mind if one of these beautiful fiends came knocking!

Check out Pocahontas as Jason Voorhees.  Get out of that lake John Smith!


Hey, it’s Cinderella as Carrie.  Who’s laughing now, evil step-bitch!


Jasmine needs an exorcist!  The power of the Genie compels you!


Arielle from the Black Lagoon?


Merida wants to play—Chucky style!


Tiana dares you to say her name five times!


Elsa and Anna looking for some winter fun at the Overlook Hotel!


Beauty IS the Beast!


Mulan has a video tape she wants you to look at!


No wonder Sleeping Beauty rests in a coffin—she’s a blood-sucker!


Snow White and the souls of Seven Dwarves!


What do you think of Travis Falligant’s killer Disney mash-ups?  Which are your favorites?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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