Live-Action “Attack on Titan” World Premier in Los Angeles July 14th

Plus: Film lands North American distributor.

We’ve been keeping you apprised on the development of a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga Attack on Titan. When we last reported, there was still no word on when (or even if) this 2-movie saga would be landing in America. Turns out the hideous Titans will be invading the USA sooner than any of us thought!


Official Synopsis: The sudden arrival of the Titans—mysterious, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour human beings one after the other—brings mankind to the brink of extinction. Fast-forward to more than 100 years later. What remains of the human population now live in relative peace behind massive walls that were erected to defend against the Titans. Yet, once again, that peace is shattered when a Titan measuring over 5o meters tall smashes through the wall, allowing a horde of other Titans to enter.

The Protagonist, Eren, had been resigned to life confined behind these walls. “Nothing I do would make a difference,” he thought. But when he joins the “Outer Wall Restoration Team” set up to fight against the Titans, he is reunited with Mikasa, a childhood friend and someone he long rued not being able to save. The new recruits embark on a mission to obtain explosives, which have become rare and precious, before getting past the waves of Titans to plug the gaping hole in the wall, with humanity’s survival on the line. Will there be a future for Eren and Mikasa… and for mankind itself?

North American Distributor


As reported on Comic Book Resources, Funimation Entertainment has acquired the North American rights to the two-movie adaptation of Attack on Titan, the bestselling manga by Hajime Isayama; they will also distribute the films in Central and South America.

Fans of anime and horror: Let the rejoicing begin! And if you happen to be a resident of Los Angeles, you have even more to get excited about.

Also per CBM: Funimation has partnered with Tohi Co. and will be presenting the world premier of Attack on Titan at the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd on July 14th. That’s a couple weeks before its Japanese release! This will be a red carpet event, attended by the film’s director Shinji Higuchi, as well as stars Haruma Miura and Kiko Mizuhara who play Eren and Mikasa respectively.

For more information on this and other upcoming events at The Egyptian, check out their schedule: HERE.

Personally, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Los Angeles, ever since I escaped the city where I was born and raised. While I hardly miss the traffic, pollution, crime, apathy, or the hordes of phonies, I’ve got to admit that AoT premier at The Egyptian makes me one jealous motherfucker!

Jaw-Dropping Trailers

If you love horror, but aren’t a fan of Attack on Titan yet, you will be after viewing the film’s amazing trailers. We showed the first one back on May 1st. In case you missed it, or just want to refresh you memory, take a gander below.

The second trailer for Attack on Titan just came out just over a week ago. This one gives us our first clear view of the insidious Titan hordes, as well as the anime’s signature 3-D areal battles. We showed you the trailer back on June 29th, but the version below includes English subtitles.

While there is still no word on an exact theatrical release date for AoT, the fact that the distribution deal is done means it’s only a matter of when, not if. We’ll keep you up to date as more details are announced.

Are you excited about the upcoming American release of Attack on Titan? Are you planning to attend the world premier in LA? Sound off in the Comments section!

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  • Shaun
    3 July 2015 at 1:35 am - Reply

    Except it’s not listed anywhere on The Egyptian’s website or calendar…

  • Josh Millican
    3 July 2015 at 2:21 am - Reply

    They don’t have anything else scheduled that night. I’m sure they just haven’t updated the site yet.