A Look Into “Parts Unknown”

The world of professional wrestling has been dipped in evil and polished with blood...

“Win if you can. Lose if you must. But ALWAYS cheat.”

                                                                                                                                         –Jesse Ventura

The world of professional wrestling has been dipped in evil and polished with blood thanks to director Richard Chandler.



Chandler’s latest feature “Parts Unknown” introduces us to the Von Strasser family. A motley crew of miscreant professional wrestlers with severe anger issues which they feed through copious amounts of cocaine and ritual sacrifice. Our story seems to center around wrestlers beyond their prime who are eager to get back into the spotlight but that quickly develops into much, much more. An accidental death of a parole officer leads to an introduction to a swamp demon (played by Christina Costello and voiced by Jake “the Snake” Roberts) that seems to be created entirely of bad energy. The leader of this twisted family (played by William DeCoff) makes a deal with the creature to bring it more bodies so the entity can gain the power to black out the world and brainwash victims using radio and airwaves turning them into mindless, blood hungry servants to the signal.

In order to quickly obtain sacrifices, they use the power of Tinder. How else, right? Lacey Tormada (played by actress and wrestler Lizzie Havoc) is a friend of the Von Strassers as well as a fellow wrestler. Aside from her homicidal tendencies, cocaine habit, ritual cutting, and severe health problems, she is probably the most well rounded member of the clan. She uses her exotic good looks to swipe right and lure unsuspecting men to meet up for some fucking and, of course, ritualistic murder.

But where would our story be without a heroine? The swamp demon was created from negative energy so it only makes since that we have an opposing force. Our earlier mentioned parole officer takes on this role as she is resurrected from the grave and granted immortality to take on the evil in her new form as “Mother of Mercy” (played by Alexandra Cipolla). Now we have a battle on our hands. Shotgun blasts, barbed wire strangulation, razor blade dildo penetration, fork stabbings, and dismemberment are all fair in the world of “Parts Unknown”.

The film has an overall 80s VHS feel to it. Trying to shock and thrill the audience with every scene. This is helped along with a great score from Andre Ferreira Fernandes and Michael Shiraef. The writing is done very well though at times it can be a bit muddy and difficult to follow. Most of the acting is phenomenal. Notably William DeCoff as Hermann Von Strasser, Sarah Michelle as Kitty Von Strasser, and Lizzie Havoc as Lacey Tormada. The wrestling scenes were very well executed and began the film with an exciting tone reminiscent of early WWF promos. A very fun film to watch. An exciting and colorful homage to the world of professional wrestling as well as the human races ability to stock pile bad energy over good. I would recommend “Parts Unknown” to anyone who enjoys wrestling, blood, breasts, Satan, and genital mutilation.




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