Luchagore Productions Set to Receive Prestigious Award

Zombie Wrestling Movies at their Finest

Luchagore Productions, the company behind zombie wrestling film El Gigante, are set to receive the Fantastic Cinema
Emerging Filmmakers Award from the Film Society of Little Rock, Arkansas. The award will be presented at the Fanastic Cinema and Craft Beer Festival this coming April.


    “Fantastic Cinema has given us the honor of accepting the Emerging Filmmaker Award this year. As the producer of Luchagore Productions and on behalf of our team, this recognition strikes deep into the heart for what we have worked for. Not only does it strengthen our motiva-tion in creating more visual stories but also pushes me to continue working harder,” said Raynor Shima, Luchagore Productions producer, production designer, and 1st assistant director.

      You can check out Luchagore Production’s work at their website or on their Facebook page. You can find out more about the Fanastic Cinema and Craft Beer Festival here.

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