Lynch on Twin Peaks: “It is… Happening again!!!”

Showtime's David Nevins confirms!

It’s Friday afternoon and I just got off work with the entire weekend ahead of me!  As if things weren’t already going fantastic, I check my Twitter feed and get the best news I’ve heard all month: At 5:02 PM, David Lynch instantly healed legions of broken hearts, declaring:

Dear Twitter Friends, the rumors are not what they seem ….. It is !!! Happening again. returns on


Blood Shed readers may recall the day the internet wept: It was April 5th, Easter Sunday, when Lynch told fans that a planned 9-episode revival of his seminal television series, was off.

“Dear Friends, Showtime did not pull the plug on Twin Peaks. After one year and four months of negotiations, I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done. This weekend I started to call the actors to let them know I would not be directing. Twin Peaks may still be very much alive at Showtime. I love the world of Twin peaks and wish things could have worked out differently.”

Whether or not Lynch’s previous withdrawal was merely a form of “public negotiations” remains a point of conjecture, but whatever happened behind the scenes, well, I just couldn’t be happier!

Showtime’s David Nevins confirmed the news:

“This damn fine cup of coffee from Mark and David tastes more delicious than ever.  Totally worth the extra brewing time and the cup is even bigger than we expected.  David will direct the whole thing which will total more than the originally announced nine hours.  Pre production starts now!!”
"I'm Agent Dale Cooper, and I approve this message!"

“I’m Agent Dale Cooper, and I approve this message!”

The weekend is off to one helluva start!  Let the rejoicing begin!
Are you excited that Twin Peaks is back on track?  Sound off in the Comments section!



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