Make A ‘Wish,’ Unlock The Terror

A Spoiler Free Review of ''Wish Upon'

We all know the story of a golden lamp that grants you three wishes.  There’s a music box out there that can grant your seven wishes.  Imagine what you can do with seven wishes.  High school student Clare Shannon (Joey King) finds this special box.  She thinks her life will be better with this new found gift.  She wants a better life for her and her father, Johnathan (Ryan Phillippe).  Little does she know, the box is cursed.  For each wish she makes, a consequence is waiting to happen.  A ‘blood price’ must be paid for every wish.

Wish Upon may not wow every person out there.  However, it does have a way to entertain the audience.  John R. Leonetti, director of Annabelle, helmed this film in an interesting direction. The tone of the movie is what people will do for a better life.  The supernatural item is more of decoration that the main focus.  The main focus is a teenage girl who uses a cursed item to solve life’s problems.  Granted, that does seem silly, but who couldn’t use some wishes to improve their life?  Teens in high school, even adults, can relate to that struggle.

A PG-13 rating usually deters horror fans.  They might see it as ‘lame.’  Wish Upon does offer some suspense even with a low body count.  The death scenes are tense because you don’t know who is next.  The formula is combination of The Monkey’s Paw meets Final Desintaion.  Each kill looks like an accident.  There’s no obvious supernatural cause.  As usual, only we the viewers, know the truth.

This movie might not make its mark on history, but it has its charm.  You find yourself rooting for Clare.  I felt sorry for her and wanted things to end well for her.  The box was evil.  Yet I understood Clare’s need for a change.  I found the twist on the wishes creepy as hell.  Would you make a wish knowing someone would die as a result?  This is one movie you should find and enjoy for it’s worth.  Just don’t make any wishes.  Remember the warning: Once the wish is made, the price must be paid.

 Wish Upon is currently showing in theaters.  Check your local theater for showtimes.


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