Marc Pointud: Making history by living in a haunted lighthouse for two months

In a crowd funding project, Marc Pointud takes on living in a haunted location to raise money to restore it.
    The lighthouse of  Tévennec is located a short distance from the Pointe du Raz in France.
     The rock on which the lighthouse was built has earned a deadly reputation; many sailors have been killed by pulling currents in this area. In a heavy storm, waves crash as high as the lighthouse roof.
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     This lighthouse was lit for the first time in 1875. Henri Guezennec, the first lighthouse innkeeper, was said to have gone mad after he took residence and watched over the lighthouse.
     This was the first of many ghastly tales surrounding this lighthouse which many believe to be haunted. Since Guezennec, the lighthouse has seen 23 guards. Many have gone insane from the isolation, and others died in suspicious ways such as falling on knives. Children have died there, and many ghost have been sighted.
     Marc Pointud is the founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses and Beacons, and plans to make history with a crowd-funded project: He will live in the lighthouse for two months.
     No one has lived in the lighthouse since 1910 because of its dark reputation. The goal is to raise awareness of the 140-year-old landmark, and generate enough money to turn it into an artist residence.
     In an interview with VICE, Marc was asked about spending 60 days alone in the lighthouse, and if he believed in ghosts. This was Marc’s response.
     “Between 1874-1910, the lighthouse needed a new innkeeper every year. No one could last longer, but that was a different time. You weren’t able to communicate with the outside world, you basically only had birds to talk to. It’ll be much easier for me. I will be in touch with the media and my association all of the time…. But what is a ghost, even? Is it some wandering soul, or is it a manifestation of loneliness? If I end up meeting a spirit there, I’ll try to snap a picture.”
     The possible haunting is not the only challenge for Marc, as the lighthouse is currently uninhabitable. There is no furniture, running water, heat, or electricity other than what automates the lighthouse. On the plus side, Marc is in good shape and if anything goes wrong physically or psychologically, a helicopter will pull him out in less than 15 minutes with a phone call.
     With the condition of the lighthouse, it will cost a fortune to renovate it; this is the reason for the project. Have a French translator handy and check it out by clicking HERE.
     Good luck Marc!  Have a safe stay–and don’t forget to take pictures of the ghosts!
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  • Tim J
    6 June 2015 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    Whoa… I can’t wait for an update on this one. Impressive endeavor he is about to undertake.

    • g
      12 December 2015 at 7:32 pm - Reply

      I’d LIKE TO KNOW HOW HE MANAGED. 60 days is long over due. Did he survive?

  • NITA
    21 September 2015 at 3:24 pm - Reply

    I want to know what happened during his stay.