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Hardcore English Trip-Hoppers MASSIVE ATTACK have made a video sure to please PHANTASM “Phans”.   Voodoo in my Blood features Scottish Hip-Hop crew YOUNG FATHERS, and the track is a heavy, psychedelic slice of metered chaos!  Director Ringan Ledwidge helmed with video (which is more of a short arthouse film) featuring GONE GIRL actress Rosamund Pike.

Watch as Pike explores echoing corridors before coming face-to-face with a basketball sized chrome sphere.  What follows is a shocking taste of violence and a bizarre synchronized dance that’s both captivating and disturbing.

The video is a treat for connoisseurs of Don Coscarelli and The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm), but those unfamiliar with the cult franchise may be left scratching their heads in confusion.  It’s definitely opened to multiple interpretations!

Voodoo in my Blood is available on MASSIVE ATTACK’s latest EP: RITUAL SPIRIT.

In other PHANTASM News: Nothing new to report regarding the 4K restoration of the original, nor the release-date for the much anticipated 5th Chapter: RAVAGER.

Are you a fan of MASSIVE ATTACK and/or Rosamund Pike?  What did you think about the video for Voodoo in my Blood?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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