‘Monster Party’ 2018 Review- Don’t Miss the Craziest Celebration of the Year

People aren't always who you think they are - Monsters have many faces

Monster Party is not a get-together for the squeamish, or for that matter, anyone who wants to stay alive. And there are technically no monsters there either, well not the supernatural kind anyway. These monsters are very much flesh and blood human. In this darkly funny and bloody romp, three would be burglars pick the wrong house to rob, and the tables are sadistically turned on them. Not a super original premise and similar to a much better done Don’t Breathe, Monster Party still brings the thrills and some very unusual kills to the dinner table, and you are guaranteed to have as much fun at the party as the hosts do!

Synopsis: Three young thieves plan a daring heist posing as waiters at a fancy Malibu mansion dinner party, in hopes of paying off an urgent debt. When their plan goes horribly wrong, the trio realizes the dinner guests are not as innocent as they seem, and their simple cash grab becomes a violent and desperate battle to get out of the house alive.


Our young friends, Iris, (Virginia Gardner) Dodge (Brandon Michael Hall) and Casper (Sam Strike) are truly just common thieves. We feel for them because they are cute and clever, good friends and because of some serious extenuating circumstances, they need money fast. We care about them but knowing that Iris is pregnant and that Casper’s father, who has a serious gambling problem, has his life literally in their hands, what they are about to do seems insane, but necessary. They have done this before and can’t imagine that anything could go wrong.

If they had more time, maybe they would have done a little research on their potential targets and would have found out that this party was a celebration for the members of a 12-step group with a terrible addiction. But they didn’t prepare at all and threw themselves headlong into a mansion full of horrors they could have never thought possible.


The moment they enter the house, we know our kids are in trouble. If the music wasn’t telling us, the weird vibes in the overly white-colored mansion did. They are not in a world they understand. This is the super-rich and super-strange Dawson family and it isn’t long before stuff starts getting bizarre. The mom, Roxanne (Robin Tunney) seems nice enough, Mr. Dawson (Julian McMahon) is a total oddball, their son Elliot (Kian Lawley) is about as creepy as a guy can be, but their daughter Alexis (Erin Moriarty) throws them off- she is just plain normal. All the time I know better and I’m yelling, “Get out”! But alas, they never listen to the audience, do they?

By the time they find out this is a party for murderers in recovery, son Elliot has fallen off the wagon and the film gets crazy fast. Robbing the house did not go well and our thieves must use anything they can get their hands on as a weapon to try to get out of the murder-filled mayhem. For the gore lovers like me, there is carnage, oh my, there is carnage. Blood-letting is the name of the game. Body parts and gore all over the beautiful white walls. Guns, knives, chainsaws, hatchets. Slashing and shooting anything in their way. The practical effects were gloriously abundant- even a disemboweling that was particularly shocking!

So, what makes this film work? I love that everything is done tongue-in-cheek. Monster Party is a dark blood-soaked satire! Then there is the stellar cast. Some familiar faces and many new ones, but all do a terrific job! Writer/Director Chris von Hoffmann has put together a believable group of weirdos and innocents, stalkers and victims.

Everyone also seems to be having a great time. They get high on the amount of damage they can do. Mrs. Dawson even talks about how much she misses it, and that moment of clarity where everything comes into focus.

But even with all the blood and guts, you can still relax a little because of the humor just underneath all the sadistic mayhem. Although the scene in the basement, when we see what’s behind the door marked “Private Collection”….. nope, you need to see the film for yourself. With a twist at the end that’s the icing on the bloody cake, the party is finally over. We breathe a small sigh of relief and laugh a bit, nervous laughter true, but the humor continues to the very end.

RLJE Films will release the horror/thriller film MONSTER PARTY on DVD and Blu-ray on December 18, 2018. RSVP for this party now!

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