Neca’s Life-Sized Xenomorph Egg Comes with Facehugger

Expected Release Date: March 2016



When it comes to horror and collecting, I mainly stick to art & DVD as opposed to toys.  Don’t get me wrong, I love basically everything horror related, including the type of high quality figures Neca is known for; I just don’t have the money or the space to head down that road.  I know damn well that toy collecting is an addictive hobby, so I tread lightly in that arena; aside from a few Funko Pop! Horror Icons, I’m content to appreciate this facet of the horror community vicariously.

Of course, when I saw what Neca has in store for fans of the Alien franchise in 2016, I’m ready to cash out my 401(k)!  Check out this insane, life-sized, glowing Xenomorph Egg coming next spring:

1300x-Alien_Egg7From Neca’s Official Website:  Transform any room into a deadly alien breeding ground with this Life Size Xenomorph Egg — complete with its own eerie lighting and life size facehugger!

As seen in the 1986 horror classic Aliens, this full-sized replica stands almost 36” tall, and articulated flaps with a wire armature allow you to actually open the top folds of the egg. The included full-size facehugger has a bendable tail, so you can pose it anywhere… waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from overhead, or simply lurking inside the egg.

The Life Size Xenomorph Egg is made of detailed, hand-painted foam and stands on its own. A switch activates the LED lights inside the base to create a menacing, otherworldly glow effect. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

I recently published a list of the “Top 10” horror movie props I’d like to have if money were no object.  The very first item that came to mind was one of H.R. Giger’s infamous Xenomorph eggs!  There’s something primal about them—terrifying and sexual with an opening that resembles crossed vaginas.  And just think about the amazing potential for practical jokes: Just leave it at the foot of your best friend’s bed while he’s sleeping… and just wait for the screams!

While the price-tag is still unknown, and it won’t be ready in time for the holidays, the Egg will be dropping right around my birthday, so, you know: Hint, hint!

Are you a horror toy collector?  What do you think about Neca’s life-sized Xenomorph Egg?  Sound off in the comments section!

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