Nine amazing episodes of The Twilight Zone

A timeless classic that is as creepy as it is captivating.

The Twilight Zone was a science fiction anthology series that ran on CBS from 1959-1964. The show was created by Rod Serling.

Rod Serling was also the host, head writer, and executive producer.

The show was notorious for its futuristic, paranormal, and bizarre events. Ordinary people were put in extraordinary circumstances beyond their control. The endings were often a scary surprise, and touched on the duality of man.

Establish actors such as Burgess Meredith, Joan Blondell, and Buddy Ebsen have appeared on the show. Up and coming actors of the time such as William Shatner, Elizabeth Montgomery, Bert Reynolds, Robert Redford, and Dennis Hopper were cast on the show as well.

On the fourth of July and New Years Eve marathons of the show appear on the Syfy network for over 40 hours.

Here are nine amazing episodes of the Twilight Zone that everyone should see.

The Dummy

(Original air date 05-04-1962)


An alcoholic ventriloquist on the verge of losing his mind is convinced that his dummy is alive.

The Howling Man

(Original air date 11-04-1960)


David Ellington, an American seeking refuge from a storm finds a castle inhabited by monks who allow him to enter. Ellington discovers a man being held prisoner who begs for his help. After learning the prisoner’s identity, Ellington must make a decision that could open Pandora’s box.

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

(Original air date 10-11-1963)


Flying home after a nervous breakdown, a man believes he sees a gremlin on the wing of the airplane.

The Invaders

(Original air date 01-27-1961)


A tiny flying saucer and its robotic pilots terrorize a woman who is alone in her backwoods cabin.

The Midnight Sun

(Original air date 11-17-1961)


Two women help each other survive in their apartment building as the earth has spun off its axis and is slowly revolving towards the sun.

The Eye of the Beholder

(Original air date 11-11-1960)

twilight 6

In an effort to change her disfigurement, a woman converses with the doctors and awaits the results of her eleventh plastic surgery.

The Obsolete Man

(Original air date 06-02-1961)


In a future totalitarian America where books have been eliminated, a librarian is put on trial facing the death penalty for being obsolete.

The Masks

(Original air date 04-20-1964)


A wealthy old man calls his family and requests they wear a collection of grotesque masks just before he dies.

The Shelter

(Original air date 09-29-1961)

twilight 8

After hearing a CONELRAD announcement of unidentified objects approaching the United States, families in a suburban community panic and fight over control of their neighbor’s fall out shelter.

The Grave

(Original air date 10-27-1961)


A bounty hunter takes a bet from locals in a bar that he won’t visit the grave of the outlaw who made a deathbed vow to kill him.

The Twilight Zone is a timeless classic that is as creepy as it is captivating. Rod Serling not only had a special eye for talent, he was one of the most brilliant writers in the history of television.

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  • Anne B
    5 January 2015 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    It’s amazing how unsettling those stories & images are, even after so many years. That evil ventriloquist dummy STILL gives me nightmares!!!

  • Matthew Myers
    5 January 2015 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    His name was Willie 😀

  • Josh Millican
    5 January 2015 at 9:41 pm - Reply

    I remember the evil doll, Talkie Tina. She really scared the be-jesus outta me! Another one of my favorites is “To Serve Man”… Oh my God, it’s a cookbook!!!

  • Mitch
    7 January 2015 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    So glad The Midnight Sun made it on to the list. One of the best “horror” episodes in the series (at least I would consider it horror), yet highly overlooked by critics.

    Another overlooked horror episode: The Jungle. Amazing how creepy they made the scenario, predominantly using only sound.

    • Matthew Myers
      10 January 2015 at 5:58 pm - Reply

      I remember that episode Mitch! It was a good one, the use of percussions and the way he was being stalked was really scary.

      It is hard to even pick episodes for a list because they are all so good. I find myself comparing and watching them again… which is what I am about to do with The Jungle.

      I will be making more lists in the future discussing this and other anthology shows so be sure to keep an eye on them.

      Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated!