Linked Stories Tell Tale of Conquered Humans

EDITED BY: Richard J. Brewer & Gary Phillips


OCCUPIED EARTH is a book of linked short stories all set in a future Earth in which an alien force has taken over and now rules the planet. The various stories tackle various different elements of life under the sway of an occupying force – in this case, extra-terrestrial in nature.
Some stories deal with the human resistance – The Red Spear. Others take classic concepts like police procedurals and mysteries and reimagine them in the context of an occupied Earth. Some characters are humans who have learned to compromise with their new masters. Others are just trying to survive.
Edited by Richard J. Brewer and Gary Phillips, who also contributed to the anthology, OCCUPIED EARTH is a sharp, smart collection of entwined stories. The invaders are interesting characters in their own right, not just cardboard “alien invaders.”
The cultural awareness, political savvy, depth of characterization, plotting complexity and storytelling skills inherent in these stories, which range from dark to (relatively) whimsical, mark OCCUPIED EARTH as an insightful serving of true science-fiction that also brings in other genres – not uncommon among great sci-fi.
Noir, action, melodrama, suspense, mysteries, police procedurals and other styles are woven impeccably into the fabric of this story told in stories.
Fans of “alien invasion” sci-fi, near-future dystopia, post-apoc (though this isn’t strictly that), and good old classic science-fiction will find much to engage in this diverse yet unified collection of quality sci-fi stories.

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