“Phantasm V: Ravager” Scam Alert

Kickstarter launched by Christian Vargas is not affiliated with the film.



Phantasm “phans” (myself included) are a relatively small but rabid bunch; since the announcement in March 2014 that Ravager, the 5th installment in the franchise, was nearly complete, we’ve been singularly obsessed, devouring details about the project as they emerge. While Ravager’s release has not been as timely as we’d been led to believe (a year and a half later, there is still no official release date—or even a distributor) most phans are still chomping at the bit to see this film.

Now, Christian Vargas has launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at procuring funds for Ravager’s eventual marketing campaign. Only problem is, The Phantasm Archives reports the campaign is either a total scam—or a very poorly executed joke! While there are clues to indicate that Vargas is less than legit, no one tries to take advantage of phans on my watch—nobody.

Vargas, a resident of Miami, FL, describes himself as the “owner of multiple business startups and successful long running ventures” (none of which he references); on the Kickstarter project page (titled: “Release of Phantasm V (Pickup Shots/Marketing/Distribute)”) he claims:

“You will fund the creation of a marketing campaign comprising of web content, internet advertising, and possibly television commercials, as well as the distribution of the film “Phantasm V: Ravager” so that this film can finally make it to the market, as well as funding the final pickup shots that will complete the film for market.”

Again, Christian Vargas is not affiliated with Phantasm Ravager or creator Don Coscarelli in any way, shape, or form.

My indignation is only slightly tempered by the fact that this Kickstarter campaign is both impractical and completely unattainable. To begin with, Vargas aims to raise $15M—and insanely inflated amount that’s larger than the production budgets of the 4 previous Phantasm films combined! It’s just ridiculous, which is why I posited that the entire thing might just be a joke (albeit an incredibly lame one). As it’s set up, Vargas wouldn’t get anything unless he raised the entire amount—a virtual impossibility.


Still, as of this publication, at least one phan has already been duped, pledging $30 for what he or she believes will guarantee a DVD or Blu-ray of Ravager by September 2016. While I don’t have to worry about this person actually losing funds to Vargas, the phony release date will no doubt excite less savvy phans with false hope; there is currently no set release date for Ravager—nothing concrete to look forward to.

Whether Vargas is a bonafide crook, an ineffectual comedian, or simply a delusional phan-troll, getting peoples’ hopes up isn’t cool, and releasing false information on the internet contributes to the dumbing down of humanity. The actual path Ravager is currently meandering has been complex enough without some dingbat inserting lies and misinformation into the conversation. Our patience is already being tested.

Rest assured that when official news regarding Ravager is released through official channels, we’ll bring it to you here at The Blood-Shed. If you see something that we can’t verify (regarding Ravager or anything reported as horror news) at least check Google; if something can’t be verified by other trusted outlets, proceed with caution.

If you have proof of a scam being perpetrated within the horror community, drop us a line—because we won’t stand for that!

EDIT from Johnny Macabre: As of 7:30 pm est on 9/28/15, the campaign has been canceled “5 hours ago” (or around 2 pm est today). A single update was posted before the cancellation:

It has come to my attention that a number of blogs online are stating that this is Fradulent or a scam. To clarify, we are in fact not associated with the filmmakers in anyway, However this is still an honest effort to raise money for the film, by fans, and for the fans. The purpose for the funds, are as stated in this projects description. That is what it will be used for.

Although, some have said that the goal is unrealistic, I as a fan would still like to see this happen. If it isn’t reached, then no harm, no fowl. But if it is, the filmmakers will have everything they need to release the film.

To be clear, we meant no harm; but only want to do everything we can to support this film, and even now will continue our day to day grind of relentless work, and sleepless nights, marketing this Kickstarter, using our own resources and time to do so.

We still have big hopes for this, and to re-iterate, proceeds are to go towards the release of this film.

Either a liar or someone who does not understand how the film industry works. In any case, scumbag or ignorant, the campaign is cancelled. Put a fork in it. This one’s done.

Have you ever been scammed by someone in the horror community? Are you excited about the eventual release of Phantasm V: Ravager? Sound off in the Comments section.

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  • Christian vargas
    28 September 2015 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    Not a scam. It is my genuine fan effort to raise money for the filmmakers,, while investing my own time and money to promote. This effort is by a fan, for the fans, and purpose is for the movie to be released.

    • Josh Millican
      28 September 2015 at 2:48 pm - Reply

      I heard you were recently arrested for using fraudulent checks. Can you comment? Even if you have no ill-intentions this is not the way to help the film get released. By putting a 9/16 release date for the DVD you’re distributing false information. There are a lot of red flags here. Even if you are doing this as a phan, you should probably get the express consent of the filmmakers before launching such an ambitious project–and there’s no excuse for disseminating inaccurate information.

      • Christian Vargas
        28 September 2015 at 8:45 pm - Reply

        Um, never been arrested in my entire life. Im…not really sure where that is coming from. Possibly one of the other 5 million Christian Vargas’ is involved in that?

        The date of 9/16 was just put there as a place holder. I was just doing this as a fan, I was just doing what I could to help, and all pledge prizes were to be dispersed.

        Never thought such hate could come from trying to help a movie. Yes, I probably should have gotten consent and for that I apologize. But in the end, I had nothing but good intentions for the movie. I would in fact donate millions myself if I could.

  • Christian Vargas
    28 September 2015 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Also, in regards to this article stating I am stupid, and does not understand the film industry, well I understand enough to know that enough money will resolve whatever issues the film is currently having….

    Good work clamming something is a scam without verification, and belittling someone with good intentions.

    No sure if I even HAD good intentions. Well it doesn’t matter because you made your mind without even speaking to me once.

    • Josh Millican
      28 September 2015 at 10:13 pm - Reply

      You set yourself up for condemnation and suspicion when you ask for money for a project you are not affiliated with. You set yourself up for further disdain by posting inaccurate information regarding release dates and the availability of the Phantasm Franchise on Blu-Ray. We have included your response, and encourage our readers to examine the issue themselves and make up their own minds.

  • Matthew Myers
    29 September 2015 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Even if you had good intentions Christian, you went about this the wrong way. Getting consent and permission from the filmmakers is the proper way to do business in the industry, even when it comes to fundraising.

    You may have been unaware of this, and people make mistakes which is okay. If you are serious about helping them, reach out to them now! I am sure they would be happy to know a fan wants to help them so much.

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  • Don Coscarelli
    26 December 2015 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    VARGAS you owe me money, dickweed!