Spotlight Review: Satan’s Little Helper

One of the best slasher films of the 21st century!






There are a lot of streaming services out there, from the big guys like Netflix and Hulu to genre ones like Shudder and Screambox. A new service has burst upon the scene in the last couple of months and they have an interesting business model: compete with EVERYONE. is a new streaming service that feature movies, music, video games, and ebooks all in one place for one low price. And while the selection may be on the smaller side (they’ve only been out since December 2015, give them time) I see this growing into a very cool service.

Of course, no streaming service would be complete without a selection of slasher movies and has some good ones, including one of my favorite slasher films in recent years.

Satan’s Little Helper tells the story of a little boy obsessed with a video game (titled as the film). Unable to tell reality from fiction, the little rugrat starts following around a serial killer in a Satan costume one Halloween as he paints the town red. But as the killer closes in on the boy’s family, how much longer will the masked maniac keep his tagalong alive?

It’s a very entertaining, darkly humorous film with about as original a premise as a slasher film can get, what with the genre having been done to undeath (get it?). It takes some inspiration from the genre’s progenitors in keeping an air of mystery about the masked slasher. We never see his face and, barring a couple of suggestive red herrings, we never find out who he is or why he is doing this. Because that isn’t important to the story. What is important is that he is here now and he is sadistic and dangerous.

The acting of child star Alex Brickel (who pursued acting for exactly two films including this one in 2004 and has not acted since) is quite talented as a typical naive kid with antagonist actor Josh Annex playing counterpart with a high degree of silent, skillful body acting. Overall, this is an amazing slasher flick that will make a fantastic Halloween tradition! is only $24.95/ month to bundle movies, books, games, and music (you can pick and choose for less but you get the best value with the bundle). They are currently offering a 90 day free trial and a package where you get a free 7″ Android tablet and headphones with a 1 year contract. Check it out at and you can find more info here and here.

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