Pre-Release Review of Indie Horror Comic “Malevolents”!

A ghost story from across the pond!

The good folks at Great British Ghosts were kind enough to let me read the first issue of upcoming ghost story anthology series, Malevolents. The book is written by Thom Burgess and drawn by Joe Becci. The story in this first issue is titled “Click Click”, named as such because the ghost in the story, legend has it, is of an insane man who shredded his vocal cords with his own screaming and so the only sound he makes is the clicking of his tongue. The issue goes on to tell the story of four kids who spend a night in said ghost’s house on a dare and recounts the story of another kid who did the same.

The story is told very well. Thom told me in a prior interview (HERE) that the stories in this series are based on real ghost legends around Britain, this one being the legend of London’s most haunted house. It’s recounted in campfire fashion, the group narrating what happened to the prior kid in a series of flashbacks. Overall, the effect is both an eerie and nostalgic method of storytelling. Some parts of the story are downright chilling, bringing to mind thoughts of the many Japanese films centering on ghosts, with similar pacing and angles, just minus all that long, stringy black hair.

The art is done in gray tones, very heavy on line usage, bringing about a very gritty style of visual. Particular effort is put towards the facial expressions, especially the face of the ghost. The latter is done very well and I feel many readers will find it quite memorable.

Overall, I feel this series has tons of potential! I can’t wait to see what stories the next several issues bring!

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