Presenting the Top 10 Indie Horror Films of 2014! The Golden Rake Awards!

A low budget, prestigious award for low budget, prestigious horror

This year, we held the first annual Golden Rake Awards. 30 films were submitted from all over the world, all over 60 minutes in length, all with budgets of under $100k! These films were rated by the writers of and 3 winners were selected from 10 official nominations! Here are the results!


Flowers: Written and directed by Phil Stevens
This film was an amazing piece of art house horror with zero dialogue and AMAZING practical effects that kept the writers of theblood-shed mesmerized right through!

Faces: Written and directed by Tom Ryan
An incredible film following one man’s descent into madness and murder! A superb film which has received several other nominations! Unforgettable!

All Hell Breaks Loose: Written by Jacy Morris and Directed by Jeremy Garner
A throw back to exploitation grindhouse films, this movie would be right at home as a companion piece to Tarintino’s Grindhouse duology!


Pieces of Talent: Written by David Long and Joe Stauffer and Directed by Joe Stauffer
When art turns deadly! This amazing piece is a rollercoaster of thrills!

Collar: Written and directed by Ryan Nicholson
Directed by the director of Gutterballs and starring horror icon Nick Principe, this exploitation tribute doesn’t hold back on the shocks!

Antivirus: Written and directed by Alon Newman
An action/horror from Israel, this film was an exemplary foreign thriller!

Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions about the Zombie Apocalypse: Written and directed by Benjamin Harris
A unique zomcom/drama set in a zombie apocalypse, unique for there being no zombies in the film!

Legacy of Thorn: Written and Directed by MJ Dixon
A slasher film of amazing creativity that is a part of a larger movieverse!

Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh: Written and directed by Jakob Bilinski
A modern, midwestern take on giallo, this film oozes blood!

Bodom: Written and directed by Gergo Elekes and Jozsef Gallai
The first found footage horror film from Hungary, Bodom shaky cam done right with a great twist at the end!

These films are forever immortalized on our Golden Rake Wall of Fame!


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