Red Bull Gives You Wings—And Horns, And Glowing Eyes…

May also lead to premature births and infant driving.



Still shaking off a case of PHDS (Post Halloween Depression Syndrome)?  You Tube comedy provocateurs RackaRacka have put together a little parody vid sure to give you a devious chuckle.  We’ve all seen those animated “Red Bull Gives You Wings” commercials, touting the instantly invigorating benefits of the world’s most popular energy drink.  Now check out this “Banned” live-action advert illustrating some potentially more extreme side effects!

Considering this video has racked up almost a quarter-million views in its first 12 hours online, chances are you’ll also find this one funny as hell.  NSFW and not recommended for kids—or pregnant women!  Enjoy!

Did RackaRacka’s “Banned” Red Bull commercial tickle your funny bone?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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