Retro Promenade’s CARPENTER

A Musical Tribute to John Carpenter

ARTIST: Retro Promenade/Various

ALBUM: Carpenter

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First, a word from Retro Promenade:

“Carpenter is a 20 track compilation album, curated from more than 20 submissions by 6 selectors, inspired by the film and music career of the one and only John Carpenter.

The poster was illustrated by the – and I can’t stress this enough – super talented Sam Todhunter.

From names like Lazerhawk to VHS Glitch, Irving Force to Who Ha, we’ve got such an insane batch of 80s tinged John Carpenter inspired music that is seriously going to melt the ears right off of your head.”


So, yeah. Retro Promenade’s multi-artist “Carpenter” is great stuff.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re a Carpenter fan. Well, I mean, it matters, but not in terms of whether or not you’ll enjoy this music. The music is brooding, but imbued with bright production. Crisp synth lines create ambience and melody in psychedelic minimalism.

Non-fans of electronica may choke on music that will feel too retro or weird to some. On the other hand, fans of Tron may dig it. But I digress toward the sillies. I’ll veer right back.

Fans of Carpenter – here’s where fandom comes in – will recognize immediately the conjuring at hand, the bringing forth in musical manifestation the great themes and such from the director’s classic films. Sometimes a melody from vintage Carpenteriana arises, summoned directly but in the new mold of the artist.Grab your copy now, you won’t want to miss this one. Other times it’s more of an evocation of mood or tone.

It’s worth recalling that Carpenter himself has scored tons of his own movies and earlier films sported Carpenter scores that were stark and synth-based. Consider the famous score from Halloween, or the less known but equally effective music for Carpenter’s Stephen King-based movie Christine.

This tribute is a tribute in multiple ways. There is the blunt surface homage to a king of horror. There is the stylistic nod by dint of the fact these are all synth artist works. Then there is the music itself, each individual track an ode to one of Carpenter’s iconic horror films.

The music is all class. Sharp, hypnotic, captivating. Lucid tunes a-drip with talented composition, production clarity and exquisite execution.

It’s a delight for not only Carpenter fans but devourers of great synth music.



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