[REVIEW]: Indie Horror Short NIBBLE

Nibble will make you think twice the next time you think you hear something in the wall.
I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure the large portion of the population has at one point or another had something roaming the inside of their house. Whether it be a mouse that wondered in and made its home in the wall, or a bird who decided to fly down your chimney, or a squirrel that got loose in the attic. The moment I started watching Nibble, I came back to that, to a time a squirrel managed to find it’s way into my attic. I could instantly relate to what was going on on the screen, thankfully my run in with the squirrel had a happier ending for me then the ending for the characters in Nibble.
Nibble is directed by Greg C. Bellavia. It stars Daniel Findlay, Catherine Warner, and Scott F. Evans. It was the winner of Best Special Effects at Shockfest Film Festival 2012. Nibble was also a featured selection at several film festivals, including The Mile High Horror Film Festival and The LA Indie Film Festival. Now that Nibble has finished up it’s festival run, Nibble is now available online for your viewing pleasure.
Nibble is a short. But packs a bunch into it’s short run time. I’ve seen far too many “shorts” that are full of excess and fluff, just to get the run time up. Longer does not equal better and Nibble is a prime example of that. Nibble is straight forward, smooth, and fast, that it never gives you a chance to click away.
Even though it was a short, I actually feel Nibble could have been longer. There could have easily been some expansion to some of the scenes and suspense leading up to the ending. I hear that director Greg Bellavia is working on a creature feature based upon the critter appearing in Nibble. I for one am very interested in that. I feel there is plenty that you can do with this critter. There is plenty there for a possible feature and I for one would be excited for it.
You can check out their official Facebook page HERE. And with out any other further ado…
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