Safety In Numbers

Never go into the dark alone...

Horror movies are enjoyable to watch alone or with friends.  Personally, I think it’s more enjoyable to watch with friends and loved ones.  There’s a bonding experience in the making when you watch a horror movie with a group of people.  You can laugh at the corny parts and comfort each other during the scary parts.

There’s more of a challenge in watching a horror movie alone.  If you watch a movie alone at home, you have no one to comfort you.  You’re not safe from the noises and shadows that lurk in your home.  If you go see a horror movie in the theater, you’re in a dark room full of strangers.  If you scream or jump you leave yourself open to ridicule.  You’re basically vulnerable in any of these situations.  It’s a lose-lose scenario.

The best scenario is having friends with you.  You’ll be safe among people that can offer moral support if you get too scared.  There’s joy in the fact that you can engage in witty banter after the movie.  You can all recap your favorite moments or laugh at the corny parts.  Your friends will protect you from anything that might scare you.  They can help you lock the doors and windows.  They can help you light candles that will keep the shadows away.  Horror movies can create nightmares.  It’s best to face them with friends rather than face them alone.

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  • Matthew Myers
    27 January 2015 at 12:10 am - Reply

    I love seeing horror matinees with my friends. Greatest experience ever! No one is there except the random couple cuddled in the corner and we can take over the center of the theater. We cringe, laugh, jump, and admire the film together.

    Great article, friends make every horror experience better when you stick together.