Sasquash is not a Happy Camper in ‘Exists’

A spoiler-free review of Exists with a few comparisons to 'Willow Creek'

Director: Eduardo Sánchez

Writer: Jamie Nash

Cast: Dora Madison BurgeBrian SteeleDenise WilliamsonSamuel DavisRoger Edwards & Chris Osborn.


Ever since I heard that the famous Eduardo Sanchez who created the ultra-creepy Blair Witch Project, was going to try his hand at a bigfoot horror flick, I was immediately intrigued. Especially since I was pretty let down by the other latest bigfoot horror film Willow Creek, which to me, was seriously lacking in numerous ways. I will say Exists is a much more satisfying film, delivering in all the correct places where Willow Creek could not.

Exists is a found-footage film, but is not restricted to one-camera view only, which is quite nice. Multiple cameras are set up at the cabin the five main characters have set up camp in. The group of friends and lovers to some, were looking for a nice getaway at Matt and Chris’ Uncle Bob’s cabin. However, their weekend of fun quickly was turned upside down when they realize they are being stalked by a creature that seems to be holding a grudge against them.

The film is very fast-paced, with a few slow spots tucked into it to create a tension filled ride. What I love about Exists is that you are able to see bigfoot the way he should be seen. There are many different shots and views of him that make it all the more real and exciting. Unlike in Willow Creek where we never actually see bigfoot and instead just hear random howling noises that pretty much put you to sleep.

I do think that Exists could have been a touch scarier, as I did not feel uneasy or bothered during any of the scenes. However, that does not alter my opinion on the film which is it’s a fun and suspenseful bigfoot found footage flick. The special effects were insane, and if I were to picture what a real life Sasquash would materialize as, the version in Exists would fit my imagination to a T.

The ending was to me, creative and quite unexpected. It shows unbelievable humanity where you thought it would not be plausible. While it’s still a messed up finale, I found it to be very intriguing.

I’d recommend this one to anyone who enjoys found-footage and is looking for a rather different topic than the ordinary paranormal flicks that tend to be the norm of the genre. I’d also highly refer those who were just as disappointed as I was with Willow Creek to give this one a view… I have a feeling you will be much more satisfied.

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  • Josh Millican
    7 November 2014 at 1:36 am - Reply

    Great review! Another great found-footage Bigfoot film with multiple cameras is “The Lost Coast Tapes”; it’s relatively recent. A great underrated cheesy Big Foot flick with nice messy kills is “Abominable”; it’s got a sasquatch biting a guys face off in one bite like an apple!

    • Melissa B.
      9 November 2014 at 11:14 am - Reply

      I’m going to have to check out The Lost coast Tapes.. I’ve definitely heard of it before.. Thanks!