Scream Queen Tristan Risk Fundraising In A Number of New Projects

Help Surport the work of one of The Blood Shed's Favorite Horror Stars

Everyone here at The Blood Shed is a big Tristan Risk fan; we even had her host the 2015 Golden Rakes. With that being said, were always going to support any project of hers that comes our way; and right now there are a number of them in development.

First up is Love is Dead, “a short film about emotional violence.”

tristan risk

  Next up is The Valley of The Rats a giallo film described as “Cronenberg meets Argento.”


    And finally is Mother of Beauty a film about a “new mother as she struggles to reconcile with death.”


    All three of these are very different projects, that will suit a wide variety of intrests, with the Tristan Risk gracing all of them. If you want the chance to contribute to any of these great projects now is the time.

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