Scream: Season One Finale ‘Revalations’ Review & Recap

WARNING: Loads of spoilers lay ahead!

The Sheriff has been kidnapped, tied up, bound and is left on display for the school dance to see by a live stream hosted by the killer. Dance-goers scramble as the killer shows themselves (well, with their mask on) before the feed quickly cuts out. Maggie leaves Emma to head to the station to help with the aftermath of Branson’s supposed escape.

Emma confides in Noah as he searches for who may be behind the live feed. An unknown caller calls Emma and yes, it is you know who. The killer drops subtle hints as to where the sheriff may be. Emma drops by the police station to see if a clue was left where Branson was that may hold the key to the sheriff’s location. Maggie finds an old necklace in the deceased officer’s mouth, which was a necklace Branson gave her as a child. Suddenly, Maggie remembers that Brandon would leave her gifts in a tree by their houses.

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The police, Maggie and Emma race to the old tree and sure enough finds the sheriff tied up. Maggie rushes over to try to untie him despite him groggily saying not to. As Maggie unties the sheriff, his guts spill out before her, letting the sheriff quickly bleed to death. Maggie and Emma are horrified and can’t believe what just happened. Right when they thought they had beat the killer, they were wrong again.

Piper shows up to the crime scene to check on Emma, and Emma explains she can not get a hold of anyone at Brooke’s party. Piper agrees to go check on the party while Emma heads to the police station with her mother. While at the station, Noah calls Emma to tell her that he found out the location of the stream and that malware was blocking calls and texts in between each other, thus cutting everyone off from communicating. The address Noah discovers the malware is originating from is Brooke’s address. Just then, Emma receives a text from the killer that tells her no cops are to be called. Emma quickly tells Noah to pick her up and driver her to Brooke’s.

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Meanwhile, at Brooke’s party, the teens are all canoodling together while Brooke is depressed none of her real friends are there. Brooke decides to bond with Audrey and the two seem to hit it off. Jake shows up with a local bimbo, whom came with her to merely piss of Brooke. Brooke in turn, makes out with a random guy at the party, making Jake follow her into the house to apologize. Brooke refuses Jake’s apology and tells him to leave.

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While Jake’s slutty friend was searching for him, she stumbles upon a dead body in the bathroom, making everyone scream and get the hell out of there. Audrey hears the commotion and heads toward the bathroom, only to be confronted by the killer. Audrey tells him just to do it and we see the knife go for Audrey’s head.

Brooke stumbles outside to discover everyone has left her party. Hearing a noise nearby, Brooke heads inside only to have Mr. Branson show up seconds later at her back door. Brooke is fast to lock Branson out as he explains that he was set up and would never hurt her. Suddenly, the backyard lights go out and the killer appears out of nowhere. Brooke runs and hides in the workshop by her garage and finds shelter in a freezer. The killers find’s his way inside the workshop and goes straight for the freezer to lock Brooke in. Brooke is freaking out inside the freezer when it is flipped on the side and the killer starts stabbing at her. After getting a few stabs in, the killer plugs the freezer in, leaving Brooke to freeze to death.

Emma and Noah arrive at Brooke’s house to find Piper’s car and blood all over it. Kieran also shows up with a gun, making Noah and Emma very skeptical of him. Kieran explains he was just sitting in the woods until he received a text from Emma telling him to meet her at the party. Kieran shows Emma the text but Emma still does not believe him. Emma then brings up Brandon’s mom and how she identified Kieran as the person who came to visit. Kieran has no clue what Emma is talking about and tells her he knows for certain his dad is indeed his real father due to the paperwork needed when his father become his guardian again. Emma then realizes that Kieran has no idea of his father’s death and ends up breaking the news to him. Kieran and Emma embrace and decide to go find the others.


As the trio heads inside Brooke’s house, they decide to split up, sending Noah out back to check things out. Emma and Kieran end up running into Jake, who says he went for a walk and came back and everyone was gone, and that he could not find Brooke anywhere. Screams and a pounding noise come from the back of the house, and everyone runs off to go find where they’re coming from. Suspiciously, Jake knows exactly where to find Brooke, and they are able to save her.

While Noah is exploring outside, searching for answers, he comes across the dead body in the bathroom. Extremely freaked out, he turns away and runs into an injured Audrey. Everyone reconvenes outside and Audrey explains that she blacked out and has no idea what happened or why the killer left her alive.

Since everyone’s cell phones were not working, Emma has an idea to use the landline and Jake makes an awesome reference to the original scream by stating “what is this 1996?” Just as Emma is about to call her mother, the phone rings. Emma picks up and the killer tells her he has her mother and that she must come meet them alone, and that she would know where to find them. The killer repeats that it started with Maggie but ends with Emma. Emma then knows exactly where to find them– the place where Brandon died, the dock nearby.


Emma sneaks off and finds her mother tied up on the pier. Rushing to help her, the killer then shows up. Emma demands that the killer takes the mask off, and dun dun dun….. there is Piper! Piper, in full-on psycho mode explains how she is Brandon’s daughter and there was never any son. Piper is downright jealous that Emma received a perfect life while she was left out.

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As Emma tries to stab Piper with the knife she had, Piper slices Emma’s stomach open. Maggie is able to untie herself and tackle Piper but ends up being more injured in the process. Piper heads over to put an end to Emma once and for all when all of a sudden she is shot by Audrey and falls into the water. Of course, we know Piper isn’t dead yet as she emerges from the water for one last go. Emma grabs the gun from Audrey and shoots Piper in the head.


The next morning, the police are on scene and aiding everyone involved. In the time to come, Noah becomes a podcaster, Emma and Kieran are back together, Jake and Brooke are a thing and the town of Lakewood seems to be moving on. Audrey is shown scrolling through the local news site, reading an article naming Audrey a hero. Audrey pulls out a photo of Brandon James and then heads over to her bed with a safe in the form of a dictionary. Inside the safe, letters are revealed between Audrey and Piper. Noah makes a point in his podcast that some one else had to be there the night Will and Piper were attacked in the old car dealership. Audrey is then shown burning the letters and a few sheets of paper that seem to outline the murders and Piper’s ultimate plan.

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Phew! What an episode! I must admit, while I considered Piper to be a suspect at one point, I still never believed it was her. But now, everything makes sense– the way Piper seemed so concerned to talk to Emma, and how she appears in town during the murders and stays throughout. But what I don’t understand is, how Audrey and Piper are connected… Did Audrey reach out to Piper after she found dirt on Emma’s mom? Perhaps when Audrey was hurt when Emma stopped being her friend, Audrey looked for ways to seek revenge.

However, this could simply be another red herring, and the letters may just have some other explanation. Jake seems more of a better accomplice than Audrey, especially how he acted when he was easily able to find Brooke. But it does seem Audrey’s character is quite dynamic and layered, so it is definitely possible there’s more to her than meets the eye.

After the credits rolled, MTV did a promo for the second season of Scream to air in 2016! I was so excited when I saw that, because many were rumoring a second season was not going to happen due to poor ratings and a low amount of viewers. So I guess next season, more questions will be answered! I knew there was a reason more main characters didn’t die in this episode… because they need to be around for the second season!

I also wanted to mention the nice tribute MTV paid to the late Wes Craven in the beginning of the episode. A title card ran ahead of the show saying ‘In Memory of Wes Craven 1939-2015″ and “Thanks for the Screams.”


Overall, I must say this episode was a more than satisfying finale and I especially loved how everything panned out with the killer-reveal and the happily-ever-after ending being tied in with a cliff-hanger of sorts. Be sure to check back next season for more recaps and reviews!

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