Shop Of Horror: Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Covetly is giving away 9 classic horror film characters.

Who here likes horror? I’m going to imagine that everyone raise their hands. Okay, now who likes horror collectibles? Still imagining that everyone’s hands are raised. Okay, who here collects Funko Pops? And I just saw some hands went down. Now while the name Funko Pop Vinyl Figures may not ring a bell with you, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them before. These slightly less than 4 inch tall figures feature a very recognizable head much larger than their body and large (usually black) eyes. Funko makes all kinds of figures in their Pop Vinyl lines, from superheroes to television show to Harry Potter to yes, you guessed it, horror. And Funko’s Pop line features a lot of the horror icons. Jason. Freddy. Leatherface. Pinhead. Then you have interesting additions to the line, Regan from The Exorcist and Beetlejuice. While some of the horror characters they make are standalone for their movies, they also have sets based on The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and a newly released set based on Stranger Things. There’s something for every fan of horror. And take it from me, these look awesome sitting on your desk at work. On a personal note, the horror figures are by far some of the greatest in the line. It probably has to do with the uniqueness of the characters themselves, but each once looks amazing and a spot on representation of the characters they are depicting.

Now if you are already a collector or are looking to jump start your collection, Covetly is currently having a giveaway where you can win some of your favorite horror characters. They’re giving away 9 figures in all, including Leatherface, a Gremlin, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Beetlejuice, Ghostface, Pinhead, Chucky, or a custom made Jason with a removable mask. To check out more about the contest and to sign up, go to

Covetly is the premiere destination for toy collectors. The free app allows you to find detailed information, price appraisals, and photos for your favorite action figures, vinyl statues, and more. I personally have this app and use it to manage my collection. Now I know exactly what I have in my collection and the wish list allows me to know who I am looking for, because let’s face it, sometimes you always have a mental block at the wrong times. The price guide allows you to see the value of something, so if you’re out and you see something priced at $X, you can look to see if that’s a good value or not. Everything is right there at your fingertips, and easy to navigate and search for what you are looking for. They are currently rolling out a market place on the app as well, making it even better. Download it today and check it out. And don’t forget to enter to win some of the horror Funko Pop figures, I know I did.

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  • Larrybird71
    8 April 2017 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    I love the blood shed! Great news on all things horror. The Covetly app looks wicked cool going to check it out