Silent Hill P.T. Demo

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At the Sony Press Conference at Gamescon this year, a title P.T. (Playable Teaser) was released on PS4 for instant download. At the time no one knew exactly what it was, some thought it was a brand new horror series by Hideo Kojima.


Well it was soon revealed that this was actually a reinvention of the “Silent Hill” franchise.  Not only was this a brilliant way to reinvent the series but the marketing was just spot on genius. If you have a PS4 you need to download this demo, NOW!!!!!!!

First off, this game looks drop dead gorgeous from the cockroaches to pictures you can see every fine detail. For a demo it just really blew my mind the detail that went in to it. I can not wait to see what the final product looks like.Even if you are not a fan of horror games you need to download it to see the graphics.

Anyways the game uses the same few scenes over and over again but there is always something different each time. Some of it is subtle so you need to keep your eyes open. Along with that the puzzles at times are not as black and white as other games as Kojima wanted it to be hard. He wanted people to take a week to try and figure out the final puzzle. (It took about an hour and half to make it work). So pay attention and keep your eyes open.








The scares in the game are pretty legit. The sounds in the game really puts the game on top of other games. You need to have this game with surround sound or headphones to really make you crap your pants. There are some disturbing scenes and what was given of the story in the demo really does make the atmosphere all too perfect.  I am not going to say too much more about the demo because you need to download it and play. This is a title that the creators are thinking about including an extra pair of underwear in a special edition because it is going to be a scream fest!


Photos by Jimmy Chang

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