Soooo… Two Ebola Victims Apparently Came Back from the Dead…

I, for one, am ready for the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse

Panic is ensuing in Nimba County, Liberia, Africa. Evidently, two women, one in her 40’s and the other her 60’s, had succumbed to the rampant Ebola epidemic… and then came back from the dead and are “walking among the living”. reports:

“(The Ebola victims) were about to be taken for burial when they rose from the dead.”

The two Ebola-vics-turned-evident-walking-dead are identified as Dorris Quoi (40’s) and Ma Kebeh (late 60’s).

Further details are scarce, but the community is reported to be in a state of panic at the news of the resurrected women.

Will the next “The Dead” film be based on a true story? Is Albert Wesker hiding in the shadows somewhere? Are zombie bites covered Obamacare? Only time will tell. This writer, for one, looks forward to being a warlord of the inevitable zombie-ridden wastelands in the not too distant future.

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