New Music Both Challenging and Very Listenable


ARTIST: Soularflair

ALBUM: “Post-Human”



When you start listening to “Post-Human,” you have to stick with it or you really will have no idea what you’ve missed.

Do you like synths? Prog rock? Mathy metal? Well, good deal then, because you can find all of that here.

Soularflair’s impressive array of styles melded into a unifying style is something to hear.

Check out the first track and you might think you’re embarking on a chillout trip. Keep listening and you think, okay, it’s some light new age guitar slash synth.


Still wrong.

This is a lot of things. Smooth synth-work. Sharp guitar work. Arcing segues through moody interludes and jagged but regimented yet groovy metallic riffs, sometimes thrashy, sometimes mathed out (but not to brain-aching calculus levels, much to the consternation of Atheist fans and the joy of those who aren’t into extreme jazz metal).

Slow moody rock can follow on the heels of pushing metal guitar throbs.

Versatility is the word. From synth-grounded tracks to energetic guitar-based music, “Post-Human” is an exploratory album with wide scope but no sloppy sagging. Borderline lush, alluring noise melodificiation and hard, fast metal and much between.

Soularflair is an artist to watch for and listen to, particularly for those whose tastes run toward the intelligent, progressive and eclectic. Not that “eclectic” should cause terrors in those who don’t like spanning far afield in the playtime of one album. Despite the diverse mood, tempos, instrumentation, etc., “Post-Human” is a contained whole, with all pieces losing identity as pieces and coming together in one great prog piece.

This, listeners, is good shit.




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