‘The Source of Shadows’ (2020) Review

Ten Tales of Horror!

Xenophobia or the fear of the unknown, has affected all of us at one point or another. Even if it is simply not knowing if you are getting a job, fearing someone could break into your house, or what grade you are getting on a test- this anxiety can make us feel irrationally terrified. With an invisible virus like COVID-19 keeping us trapped in our own homes, everyone is feeling this fear to one extreme or another during this difficult time.

Synopsis: The Source of Shadows is a suspenseful anthology film that depicts ten tales of horror from twelve visionary directors, as they take viewers on a journey to experience one of humanity’s most carnal fears — the fear of the unknown. This series of short vignettes weave together dire tales of the creatures we can’t always see, the shadows hiding around the corner, the mysterious sounds in the darkness, and much more. The Source of Shadows offers up a chance for viewers to ask themselves: “What am I afraid of?”

A gory, twisted tale, The Source of Shadows takes a look at things that go bump in the night and what happens when they are oh so real. I found myself really enjoying this film. As is with many anthologies, some stories are stronger than others, but each segment had its own scary and unique tale to tell. It is a well-done horror film overall, delivering a series of horror shorts, woven together by the most primal of fears.

Starting out strong, the first story is “Tethered”. A blind boy left alone with terrible things just outside his house with his only recourse being to stay attached to a rope so he can find his way home. I cannot imagine how frightening that would be. The world is collapsing, your mother is missing; now just a voice on a cassette tape. You are blind and have no idea what is out there. Scary stuff!

“Adrift” was truly amazing. A man does away with his wife onboard their boat while at sea. But unfortunately for him, it’s not the last he will see of her, as she comes back for an act of fitting revenge, in this cool supernatural tale.

“Bestia” had an incredible outdoor location and fantastic cinematography. I was on the edge of my seat during this story of a hunter becoming the hunted. This is a perfect example of the punishment fitting the crime.

As a fan of creepy art, and even creepier kids,  “Banshee” is another favorite of mine. Visions of Poltergeist came to mind in this story of two sisters and the monster that lurks in the closet.

Last but absolutely not least of my favs was “Withheld”. A woman uses phone sex to make a living and is terrorized by one of her clients. But this lady takes things into her own hands and turns the tables! Girl Power at its best!

So those were the ones I liked best; some of the other stories included are: A weirdly dangerous teen whose dinner I would not want to eat, a mountain man visited at his cabin by a very hungry woman, a young girl stalked by an unknown monster and an uninvited guest moves in; under a couple’s bed.

A bit unbalanced, but wonderfully gory and suspenseful, The Source of Shadows is a worthy entry into the horror anthology genre! Solid acting in every segment along with well-written characters and terrific cinematography made even the weaker stories work. This macabre collection of horror shorts is confidently made and bursting with atmosphere. With ten short horror films from twelve different directors, there is something for every type of horror fan.

The Source of Shadows will be available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on April 28, 2020.


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