Spirit Stalkers: a paranormal film that fully delivers

A spoiler-free review of the 2012 film 'Spirit Stalkers'


Spirit Stalkers (2012)

Directed bySteve Hudgins
Written bySteve Hudgins
StarringSteve Hudgins, P.J. Woodside, Jessica DockreyJessica Reynolds & more

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Made with an incredibly small budget of a mere $10,000 comes this ultra-creepy paranormal horror flick entitled “Spirit Stalkers.” The first scene draws you in– peeks your interest and raises the hair on the back of your neck. Spirit Stalkers has two main subplots: a crew of television paranormal investigators called the Spirit Stalkers are looking for their big break to help raise their ratings and a woman, Gloria is experiencing worsening ghostly activity in her home. Soon, the Spirit Stalkers make their way to Gloria’s home to try and intervene and save Gloria and her teenage daughter.


The acting is a bit dry at times, and there are plenty of cheesy moments to boot, but overall the film is not disappointing. The film makers did a lot considering the little they were given and achieved some pretty impressive special effects as well. There are a great number of unexpected twists and downright freaky moments to keep any horror fan satisfied as the pacing was mostly spot-on.

The last thirty minutes or so are the scariest and keep your full attention. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the second half and kept trying to figure things out. Once you look past some of the film’s flaws, and take it for what it is, Spirit Stalkers really is a fun and entertaining yet still creepy horror flick.

I hope to see more from the director and recommend that those with Amazon Prime check it out.

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