SPLATTERPUNK! A shocking, gore drenched antology!

Ready for the red stuff?

Who loves horror anthologies? There just don’t seem to be enough good ones being made. But this film, SPLATTERPUNK!, is sounding amazing!

From the press release:

SPLATTERPUNK! is an action horror anthology film made in cooperation with DAVID SCHOW (Screenwriter/Author of THE CROW, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3 and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE THE BEGINNING) and directed by the award winning writer/director, Erick Wofford. It is comprised of three interlocking, but distinct, stories, each one more shocking than the next. SPLATTERPUNK! will mix the stylistic action of John Carpenter with the blood soaked horror of early Sam Raimi.
The first story, written by David Schow, is titled, “Blue Amber”, and is a classic monster flick with a lot of action. When two small town cops discover a discarded piece of stripped, human skin, a routine house call turns into a skin crawling, gun blazing, extraterrestrial nightmare.
The second story, “Mousehead”, is a sadistic slasher film. A group of friends decide to explore an old, abandoned fairground they visited as kids. Little do they know that beneath their feet, deep in the concrete catacombs below, lives a cannibalistic group of former child entertainers, hungry for their next meal!
The final story, “Romani” is an action packed psychological thriller. An innocent night of drinking turns into a nightmare when a young girl stumbles into the backseat of a waiting taxi. She soon discovers she has been taken hostage by a sadistic Russian mobster posing as the taxi driver and now is along for the ride as the mobster attempts to escape the pursuing cops and rival gang members.
What makes SPLATTERPUNK! unique is the extraordinary cast and crew, entertaining stories and high quality of this film. We have the award winning Horror brothers FX team doing the gore, practical effects and custom masks for this film. (See picture below) We also have the world renowned illustrator, Vincent Di Fate, doing our movie poster. We are the only production company to acquire the rights to David Schow’s “Blue Amber.”
We are also offering some amazing perks to those who donate to the film, including walk on roles, posters, artwork, props, custom cannibal masks, t-shirts, DVD’s and much more. The campaign will be ending on June 30th so get yours now!
The campaign is about 1/4 of the way to their goal and is looking pretty good! If you want to help support what is shaping up to be the next horror anthology great, definitely head on over to their campaign HERE and show it some love!
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