SPOILER REVIEW – Extinction; Jurassic Predators

There's actually a lot of Found Footage movies that focus on dinosaurs, which makes sense. Dinosaurs are popular B movie fodder, Found Footage generally has no budget, it's a marriage made in a fecal factory.

Has there been a more genre-defining movie than Jurassic Park? It is to creature features what found footage is to horror – a sub genre of a sub genre with a common ancestor; B-movies. Some inbreeding is only natural, as are the occasional deformed bastards. And when grandpa comes by for a visit, the whole family attends.

When Jurassic World entered production in 2013, smaller film companies scrambled to capitalise on the hype surrounding it with mockbusters. With an initial release set for June 2014, the deadline was steep and didn’t offer a lot of time for luxuries like script, exotic locations, special effects, rehearsals, more than one take… basically not a lot of time to get anything right. And while Jurassic World’s release was postponed to 2015, I can only imagine the hype was too grand to delay the release of this movie further. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for how exactly this movie turned out so wrong.


IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3033080/

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