Strange Clowns Roam the Streets of Wasco, CA after Nightfall

Why so serious, California?

A town in Wasco has a bit of a pest problem. Not roaches or rats or even Miley Cyrus fans (well, it probably has all of those too), but clowns! Yes, it seems that after the sun goes down, the clowns come out in this Californian town. No one knows why they come out. No crimes are connected to their appearance. They simply roam the town and make it generally more cheery/creepy as shit.

While many are creeped out by the clowns appearance (suicide rates of coulrophobics has quintupled), others find the grinning ghouls to be fascinating, going out of their way to find the clowns and take pictures of them as a tourist attraction.

Just, you know, if you see one in a drain pipe maybe avoid that one.

Beep, Beep!

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