Stuff your stocking with indie Christmas horror on!

Merry Christmas to all! And to all...try to survive the night...

Twas’ the night before Christmas, and at TheBlood-Shed

Not a creature was stirring, mostly because they were dead.

The stockings were stuffed with goodies to the brim

But for a horror fan, this Christmas was still pretty grim.

For where could a gore hound get a dose of Yuletide gore?

Why, from, the indie horror pay-per-view store!

That’s right, folks! We wanted to help spread some yuletide fear this Christmas, so we scoured the interwebs and tracked down 5 Christmas horror films just for you and added them to our IBleedIndie ppv library.

Three Christmas horror features:

Julebukk (Last Christmas): Six people celebrate Christmas together close to the Swedish-Norwegian border. In no way will the old myth of the Yule Goat, a creature who knocks on doors around Yule, come to life and present a problem.

O’Hellige Jul! (Christmas Cruelty!): We follow a serial killer and his victims as they all prepare for Christmas in their own ways. This year it doesn’t matter if you have been naughty or nice, Santa is coming to town no matter what, and he knows where you live.

Dismembering Christmas: At a vacation winter lake house, seven high school seniors are attacked by a madman out for revenge.

And two shorts:

A Christmas Carol in Gore: The misanthrope butcher looks forward to a Christmas all alone. But someone steals his feast of the day and so the Christmas mood has to give way to the usual murder. And then come those always annoying Christmas ghosts to visit…

Bad Karma Santa: A Christmas-themed retelling of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”

All are for rent with features also available for digital download on!

So, you better not cry, you better not pout. Santa is coming to town… he might hear you.

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