Stunning Angus Scrimm Memorial PHANTASM Spheres

The Tall Man lives!



File this one under: Shut Up and Take My Damn Money!

Phantasm enthusiasts may not be a humongous group, but we’re loyal and committed as fuck.  Like most hardcore “Phans”, I’m still mourning the death of Angus Scrimm earlier this month; the actor is revered for his iconic portrayal of The Tall Man, a role many consider one of the greatest horror villains ever.  While I never met him personally, I’ve never heard a negative word uttered about the man who was, by all accounts, an exemplar of class and professionalism.

Artisan Mark Phillips, proprietor of Nightmares Unlimited has produced a stunning memorial to Scrimm: An impressive chrome sphere bearing The Tall Man’s chilling visage.  You can almost hear him growling, “BOOOOYYYY!”  But if you think Scrimm’s face is painted on, you better take a closer look.  Phillips actually carved the stainless steel with a Dremel rotary blade, making this a truly astonishing piece of art.




Phillips founded Nightmares Unlimited in 2000 as an alternative to more expensive purveyors of quality replicas:

“It started out as haunted attraction design and operation. I liked to use nice replicas for my attractions, but when I went looking for some, I was a bit turned off by price and, at that time, accuracy of available products. So I decided to start building my own replicas.”

He’s planning a limited run of these Scrimm spheres, which he estimates will sell for approximately $300 (with free shipping worldwide).  If you’d like to get your hands of one of these uncanny chrome exsanguinators, keep in touch with Phillips through Nightmares Unlimited’s Facebook Page: HERE.

The next project of Phillips’s docket?

“I’m working on a Wes Craven tribute glove.”

Did I mention: Shut Up and Take My Money?

Are you a Phan of Angus Scrimm?  What do you think about Mark Phillips’ memorial spheres?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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