The Best Four-Legged Characters From Your Favorite Horror Movies

A list of the five cutest and most awesome pets from your favorite horror flicks

Most of you may not know that I am an absolute animal lover. I have three pets of my own and if I could, I’d rescue all the homeless ones out there. I also have been working in the pet industry for nearly seven years now. So when I am watching a horror movie, or any movie at that, it is only natural that I cheer for the family dog to make it over one of the other characters. As much as I hate to admit, film makers are great at tugging at your heart strings when they hurt or kill an animal and use to to get under your skin. But what gives major kudos to a film maker is when they leave the animals alive and even better… makes them into heroes.

Let’s take a look at our favorite pets from horror films, whether they be dubbed heroes or just awesome sidekicks, they are some four-legged animals that deserve to be mentioned.



Beast from The Hills Have Eyes remake is a total badass. Not only did he help save the main characters and the baby, he whooped the cannibals apart like they were nothin’. He did it all after witnessing the sad murder of his sister Beauty, another beautiful German Shepherd. Perhaps Beast was acting on revenge after the death of Beauty and his other family members, but he still kept his head clear and knew he must prevail and save the day!


Winston Churchill

Winston was a very cute and friendly cat before he died, that was a loving companion to his owner, Ellie. Unfortunately, “Church” was struck down by a passing vehicle and does not make it. Luckily enough, Ellie’s father did not want Ellie to be heartbroken over the death, and buries him in the Pet Sematary. Zombie Church was nowhere near as bad as the other undead characters from the film and just generally did not want to be bothered. Church just sulked around, and tried to stay out of anyone’s way. 



In the Dawn of the Dead remake, Chip was most definitely deemed a hero in his own way by just simply surviving the zombie apocalypse with such ease. The zombies seemed to not mind his existence and was easily ignored by them. Chip was used to help save the guy across the street from the mall, by very smoothly being able to stride across the street and deliver him some sandwiches strapped to his back. If it weren’t for his ignorant owner, things would have turned out much better in the end for the group of mall survivors. 



Not only is Barney frickin’ adorable in the Gremlins, he puts up with being terrorized from the evil mongwai that takes over his home and neighborhood. I was going to list Gizmo as well, but I was mainly trying to stick to cats and dogs for this article. Even though, Gizmo is probably the cutest ‘pet’ of them all out there. 



Jones is Ellen Ripley’s feline companion aboard the Nostromo in the movie Alien. Jones survives the Xenomorph attack on the ship along with his faithful owner Ellen. One of Jones’ main jobs was to provide companionship to it’s occupants, much like how many sea ships have a ship-cat. Jones was lucky enough to to also survive a hyper-sleep capsule. Plus, he’s pretty damn adorable.




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