“The Crow” Remake Has Tentative Goal to Start Filming By

It's not often a grave robber let's you know when to expect them

Remakes get a bad rap. I personally usually give them a fair chance, but some people just hate them for what they are. One remake that I hate just for being what it is is the upcoming The Crow remake, rumored to star Luke Evans and with a tentative 2016 release date.

The original film was created out of real tragedy, as catharsis over the death of creator James O Barr’s fiance to a drunk driver. And it led to more tragedy, with the on set death of up-and-coming gifted actor Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

Three sequels were made, the latter two absolute rubbish in this writer’s opinion. And that’s all well and good. A sequel is one thing. It uses a different story, different protagonist. A remake, though, putting another actor into the same role that someone died in… that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That film, that role is a monument to Brandon. And to remake it for the sake of financial gain is akin to grave robbery.

Well, the “good” folks at Relativity have been kind enough to give us a heads up on when they intend to commit their crime against common decency. They are aiming for a 2015 date to begin filming. Here’s hoping for another stint in development hell like what happened back in 2011…

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