The Curse Spreads in “Afflicted”

The birth of a vampire.

Afflicted (2013)
Director: Derek LeeClif Prowse
Writer: Derek LeeClif Prowse
Stars: Clif Prowse, Derek LeeMichael Gill


There are tons of vampire movies. There are tons of found footage movies. There are only a few found footage vampire movies. And there is only one movie that is a found footage vampire movie from the perspective of the vampire. That movie is 2013’s Afflicted, a Canadian horror film from director/writer/star duo Derek Lee and Clif Prowse.

Derek and Clif (yes, they use their actual names for their characters) are good friends who decide to go on a trip through Europe. A short time before they go, Derek is diagnosed as having a blood clot in his brain that, if ruptured, could be crippling or even fatal. Wanted to live the rest of his life to the fullest, Derek decides he still wants to go on the trip with his friend. So, they tour Europe. While in Paris, Derek has a one night stand with a girl name Audre. The result of that one night stand is Derek being found unconscious, bleeding from various wounds on the bed of the hotel room, Audre no where in sight. Not wanting to go to the hospital, Derek patches himself up and they continue on. But his behavior becomes strange. He becomes faster and stronger. He’s hungry all the time, but when he tries to eat food he vomits immediately. Something is happening to Clif’s friend Derek.

Found footage has its haters. Well, so do roller coasters. If you get motion sick, don’t watch this. Lot’s of running and falling with a camera. I love roller coasters, I love found footage, and I loved this movie! It’s one of the most original vampire tales I’ve ever seen and I place it up there with Let the Right One In. It really deals with the human side of the vampire, the emotions of a being cursed to have to kill to survive. The acting is really well done as well. Derek and Clif are clearly very multi-talented guys to so competently director, write, and act in this film.

The other thing I love in this film are the sfx. They are really top notch. There is a ton of gore in this film, from throats being ripped out, a guy cutting open his wrist with a knife, and flesh literally searing off in the sun. Some of it had to have been done with cgi, but I say that only because I can’t figure out how it could be done practically! If it is cgi, it is professional grade. Love it! If you can do it right, go ahead and use cgi. I don’t have a problem with it.

Overall, it’s a great film. I can’t recommend it enough. If you love found footage or vampires, this is a necessity!

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