The Family Curse Lives in “Winchester”

The story of the Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester rifle was designed in 1873 by Oliver Winchester. It was known as “The gun that won the west”. But they say that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Oliver died in 1880 and the ownership of his company, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, went to his son, William. William died the next year of tuberculosis. Sarah, William’s wife, then began to suspect a curse. She contacted a medium and was told that the many spirits killed by the winchester rifle wanted vengeance and the only way to appease them was to move west to build a house for herself and the spirits and to never stop working on it. She never did. This house is now known as the Winchester Mystery House and is one of the most infamous haunted houses in the United States.

There have been movie adaptations of this story before. Most have been dreadful. This one is the first that shows true promise. Coming from the recently revived Hammer Films, Winchester tells the story of Sarah Winchester and her attempt to appease the angry spirits of the slain dead.

Not much is none about this movie yet. Here’s what we do know:
-It is directed by the Michael and Peter Spierig (Undead and Daywalkers) who also did the script rewrites
-It is being filmed on location at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose early 2015
-It is aiming to have a 2015-2016 release date.

A haunted house movie actually filmed inside a haunted house. Is anyone else excited for this?

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